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Most interesting page R/in IntroductionForConcernedStudents.htm---

CompareSbtsCommentaryNote.htm-Faith-Compare All Chart.htm

(1b)-JOHN1onePLUS- Compare Jn1-1AndTheRansomSacrifice.htm

Example1Jn1-1.htm Jn1-1-1Tim3-16-1Jn5-7.htm DenyingJesusLife.htm is DenyingJesus.htm)

(1c)-Best-Bibles  For Top 20 Pages Open Top-Pages-Read.htm

IntroductionForConcernedStudents.htm- Is About--

There are some words in most Bibles that were not in the original inspired writings. Plus Many use Words

or Word Expressions to---fit --their Beliefs with unbiblical Words that are not inspired W  ords of YHWH 010.htm.

Second +Word Meanings Belong in Foot Notes.For a list of words or word expressions to be on alert for

Open and Study what’s in-IntroForCStudents.htm-and Compare -What Do You Believe?-Compare-All-Chart.htm


The Readers of SBT Have Spoken What Has Most Interested Them- Present Day R/in Top-Pages-Read.htm

(2) of 7 SBT- gives you access to both Types of Theology-Read What is in PlusO & Index-3.

*You are Invited*To participate about Best-Bible Facts-Open 0A4.htm               

Biblical-Theology Facts.-ThePeoplesCourt.htm- Sbt doesn’t make up all this stuff

If you play in manure dung god.htm you will smell lke it --(Bad DOCTRINEs-Dogma)


GODorgod.htm  Example 1 Jn1-1.htmTheosGod-2316-God-god-Strongs N0.S For a god open Aa.htm

6.htm --Many Bible Publishers Translated- a-god or a-God ---Long Before Colwell’s Birth. 6.htm

John1-1c.htm & John-20-28 --GODTheos.htm Or TheosGOD-ThePeoplesCourt.htm Matt-16:13 to 17+                                                                        


Jesus ask his disciples- He said to them, "But who do you say that I AM ?”

                        Open. Matt-16-13-17.htm & Compare-All-Chart.htm plus A7.htm


(3) of 7 -Trinity TopenT


 Who First Introduced The Term Trinity-Answer Tertullian open-SpecificTeachingsTertullianWritings.htm

 Open T For Full Complete Trinity Coverage & 0A1.htm -0A2.htm SBTCompareAllChart.htm=The-Trinity-Is-It-Real-And-Is-It-Biblical.htm Thomas answered him, "My Lord and my God!" Open John-20-28.htm-- Matt-16-13-17.htmTrindirty.htm

TrinityDelusion2Thess8-12.htm I AM that/what I AM - Jesus/Jehovah or Paul  

But by the grace of God I am what I am, Is Paul The Great Open I-AM.htm

JesusAsGod Compare Chart 2 - Chart in -0A1.htm

SBT is The YHWH Testifier of The Biblical Theology--of GOD-


                           Jesus’ Main Message

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-AS Jesus instructed his Apostles and Disciples in Matt-10-8.Jesus own words about teaching God’s Words for Free

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(6) of 7 -SBT is concerned about all Disciples Main mission open-10-8 & Jesus-Main-Message Plus

“Bad Wording in Bibles”Open In  And How that effects all Church’s Statement of Faith-

Compare What is written About SBT’S Commentary Notes-- Open 65.htm

(7) of 7 These are-SBT’s-Main-Purposes For being online for-2008 +

That "For nothing is hidden that will not become evident,nor

 anything secret that will not be

 known and come to light. Open L  and Read-Preface.htm & Genera lIntroduction

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GW Stands for God’s Word and We all want accuracy--Right?

Even when no one is perfect (Explained in open-( 20.htm) Open and Study -The GwGpnc -Rule.

Pray Then for the Kingdom to Come Soon---

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SBT’S Quotes John’s (N0-one-1) Main Guide Verse-is-1-Jn 2:24 Open-1-Jn-2-24-plus-

(1) Other Hot Topics

TheThree Newly Restored Sacred Name--King James Versions--GOD’s Name Is

Now In Both Testaments OT & NT Open BestBiblesPlus.htm -WT-NWT-Included-in 33.htm-

Part of( 2 ) YHWH --He will cause to become" usually understood as "He causes to become-The YHWH Testifier

AND Read Heb1-3.htm -1Tim-1-17plus.htm-Acts2-21plus.htm- Acts2-21.htm

Prov8-22.htm--Psalms36-9.htm--Rev 3-12-14.htm--JesusHasTwoBeginningsBothScriptural.htm-- KingJesusHasSPOKEN.htm

Theos-2316-God-god-Strongs.htm --Theology In Harmony.htm - TrinitarianBiasTestPLUSmore.htm

There are some words in most Bibles that were not in the original inspired writings. Plus Many use Words

 or Word Expressions to---fit --their Beliefs with unbiblical Words that are not inspired Words of YHWH.

Second +Word Meanings Belong in Foot Notes. Open IntroductionForConcernedStudents.htm (No.1. )              

The Coptics in 200-300 A.D. understood God’s word and translated John 1:1 as   "a god"  

back before the Nicene Creed appeared in 325AD. 200-300 A.D. Open SahidicCopticGospelofJohn.htm & Coptics

(2) Homoousion /Mythology/-Theology  Catholicism-Catechism.htm-

+ Many Others-Theology-is- Based-On (open} Homoousion /Theology -Trindirty.htm

Compare Homoousion To The Original Text and You Can Learn Bible/Mythology-Theology

(1a) The Apostolic Succession Can The Church forgive Sins?

Open- JOHN 20-22-23.htm-HolyMotherOfGod.htm

Read and Compare--BestnonT/OBibles.htm Theology-- B2. Bibles –-77.htm

More about--N0-(1)-below after-- N0 (11) 

(3)   PentecostalPlusBeliefs.htm- Oneness.htm-JesusAsGOD.htm - blasphemous.htm- I-AM.htm


 SBT-TIS ALWAYS THE SEASON to Compare all Historical Important Dates About

Christmas & New Year Celebrations Open-TISTHESEASON1.htm Tra La La La-Right?

(3)  From SBT Readers Comes-Written Help About Biblical-Theology-Facts-Writtng In the following-

Most of The Preachers and Most Members of Most Proclaimed Christain Churches—

These people are very kind people and promote peace and good will toward man—But they say there is more now

Concerning The HARVEST-work & 1-Tim 4:3-Open-HARVESTwork.htm  

1-Tim 4:3 NASB/W/STRONG’S Reads

For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but wanting to have their ears tickled, they will

accumulate for themselves teachers in accordance to their own desires, 1-Tim 4:3

To participate in writting in -E-mailing address is in 0A4.htm

(4) True Christians have No Country- open C pLUS John-18-36-Plus-More.htm-PatriotismPlus.htm



(5) For The word that made Jesus GOD -Open Homoousion.htm –More htm’s below on this

Compare Homoousion To The Original Text and You Can Learn Biblical Mythology-Open BiblicalTheology.htm

Mythology comes from the dung god- god of Dung  open GentilePhilosophyPLUS.htm

(6) The Apostle John’s 1 Main Guide Verse- open 1-Jn-2-24-plus-


(8) To Compare all about GODgod.Open GODorgod.htm-John1-1c.htm-JOHN1onePLUS.htm-

 AND Open Compare-All-Chart.htm--0A1.htm--0A2.htm--0A3.htm--0A4.htm

For The word that made Jesus GOD -Open Homoousion.htm & Heb1-3.htm

PROSKUNEO Greek (Worship in English) -John-20-28.htm--I-AM.htm---LIes.htm--IntentionalFallacy.htm


John 8-31-2.htm--JudgingYourGod.htm- -John5-26-30CommentaryNote.htm

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SBT’S Commentary Notes-Open 65.htm- GOD- Plus G & C-EnoughIsEnough.htm---2Tim3-16-17.htm

(10 )Front Page Now We are down to 1 Simple Main Guide Verse--24-

The Imitate Rule-and The GwGpnc Rule- Simple Rules That Lets Bible Students Examine all Church Doctrines

 to see if they are Imitating Jesus and His Apostles on what they taught---Nothing More- Nothing Less-

                                                                        More About

(2)  Catholicism-Catechism+Many Others-Theology-is Based On-(open}-Homoousion


The Reason Why Most Churches Teach People That Jesus Is God. IN Study 58.htm

General- Introduction.htm Plus SbtsCommentaryNote.htm  Open (No.1. )  Commentators.htm  


The Coptics in 200-300AD—Jn 1:1 "a god"  back before the the Nicene Creed appeared in 325 A.D.

      Open-Coptics.htm+ Including JOHN1onePLUS.htm +More Open-Coptics.htm

Open(4) in     Open   Compare-All-Chart.htm

Christ is God's Son and is inferior to Him ----

Oneness.htm- GodtheSon.htm

(4b) "I and the Father are one." Oneness.htm- JN 10:30






(4) New American Standard Bible Verses W/Strong’s N0’S

Open-Matt. 3:17; John 8:42; 14:28; 20:17; 1 Cor. 11:3; 15:28

With SBT’s Commentary Noteslearn not to exceed

what is written in the original inspired Words of God— Open SbtsCommentaryNote.htm &  Commentators.htm

 (4b) JN 10:30  Oneness.htm--TrinitySimplified.htm

John 11:42 - [In Context|Original Greek]




Why Is a Church’s Statement of Faith So Important for You to Understand? John17-3-5.htm--John17-3.htm

         Now Comes-from- SBT-The Ultimate Statement of Faith Comparison Chart-It Is Here

                      For the definition of Faith and Church Open Faith-Explained.htm and Church-Or-Congregation.htm

This is a new page and not all Scriptural Reason Verses gave been linked Yet—But you can get them in -BestBiblesPlus.htm

It Is Extremely Important That You Know The Two Types of Bibles

and Choose One--Study BiblesTwoTypes.htm and B2.S Bibles-BestBiblesPlus.htm

Compare Jn1-1-1Tim3-16-1Jn5-7.htm--------------- Statement of Faith Issues Start Here Compare BeliefsUpdated.htm & EnoughIsEnough.htm

Like Most all Charts--the 43+ Topics Start off easy and then get tougher-Read all-An Execellent Chart

                  What Do You Believe? Compare To PlusOthers.htm & BeliefsUpdated.htm - Jn1-1-1Tim3-16-1Jn5-7.htm      

Open SimpleBibleTeachingsCompareAll.htm –Trinity- Compare Charts 1 & 2 of Godhead -0A1.htm

(4a) What IS Godhead GodheadBelievers.htm-Godhead.htm PlusOthers.htm

Godhead-Believers & Non-Godhead Believers-Open Trinity Chart -0A1.htm

The Imitate Rule-and The GwGpnc Rule- Simple Rules That Lets Bible Students Examine all Church Doctrines

 to see if they are Imitating Jesus and His Apostles on what they taught---Nothing More- Nothing Less-

Matt 14:33 – Open [In Context] and  Matt-16-13-17.htm

33 But those in the ship came and did homage to him, saying, Truly thou art God's Son

Jesus spoke openly and honestly -- without the need to hide anything. God and Jesus are open and honest.

                               Jehovah God Does Not Cause Mysteries He Reveals Them--MysteryVersesPlusMore.htm

                         Compare The True Definition of Occult-Plus.htm-- Sbt Hides Nothing From You –Study-. HiddenTruthsPLUS.htm





Sbt gives you access to both Types of Theologies of GOD-Plus Others are Godhead Believers.

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 Is it True That Trinitarians and Oneness Bible Teachers Don’t Believe Jesus is Real?

Survey For all Independently Named Christain Churches- Do you believe Jesus is Real?

Trinitarians--Please Write in with the Scriptures (Supporting Holy-Verses) that proves that Jesus is real to you!

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0A4-SBT Has a Special Invitation for Readers to participate in Search & Research to add to the Expository Library Luke 8-17

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Definition of Search-1 to go or look through carefully in order to find something missing or lost:-Open Search for more definitions.

Definition of Research-1 diligent and systematic inquiry or investigation into a subject in order to discover or revise facts, theories,

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Sbt Does Not Get Into Criticisms of Individuals or Groups or organizations. Unscriptural Traditions –Is the Main Concern

Quoting Christ is not Criticisms—it is a Christian’s Duty--Study Ephesians 6:10-18 -Open [Verse 12 in Original Greek]  

The Library Advocates that each person thoroughly examine their Churches

Statement of Faith or Beliefs and agree with it before becoming a member

Compare STATEMENTsAboutManyChurchesBeliefsUpdated.htm


–SO HELP US ALL Y.eH.oW.aH  in English Jehovah   


SBT1-The TETRAGRAMMATON.htm Testifier----BiblePublishersAccountableToWho.htm

Is God’s Name Christ?-The Church of Christ? or The Church of God

What Do Commentaries.htm Say About Acts 15:14

Acts 15:14  

 WEY: Symeon has related how God first looked graciously on the Gentiles
to take from among them a People to be called by His name. ...
Acts 15:14 Parallel 11Translations

Is God’s Name Christ?--The Church of Christ? or The Church of God?—Open and Study


If You go to a Congregation that Teaches all the Above ---You can feel Safe and not Sorry about that--

 SBT is only a Reference Library—Not The Salvation Congregation !! Read! Heb10-23-26.htm

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