The Bible Is Logical When it is Translated Right and Explained as the Godís Penmans Writings intended.

Myths do not belong in True Religion

There Are Logical answers to every question why It is so hard to get the real truth today.All original writings help clarify the real truth. First of all Good Foot-Notes were Prohibited by The Early Catholic Priests and Earthly Kings in the original hand written copied manuscripts probably as early as some time in the 2nd Century and certainly after 325 C.E to 1450 C.E Then also after 1450 C.E in the machine Printed Bibles This caused bad Ecclesiastical Doctrines. Without good Foot-Notes it is almost impossible to pass on good Interpretation of some verses from Generation to the next Generation. Get the details is in Footer Jpg &  Kings and Rulers thinking they are anointed by GODorgod.

Open The So Called Divine Right Of Kings.

second There are some words that have crept into most Bibles today that were not in the original manuscript writings.

A list of them R/in Bible Words Changed.htm for details.

Bible Encyclopedias point out errors.

The burning of Manuscripts ordered by the Roman Emperor Diocletian in 303 C.E. open Diocletian

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