Homoousion The Unbiblical Word that made Jesus God Is Homoousion.

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Homoousian (Greek: ὁμοούσιος, from the Greek: ὁμός, homós, "same" and οὐσία, ousía, "essence, being") is a technical theological term used in discussion of the Christian understanding of God as Trinity. The Nicene Creed describes Jesus as being homooúsios with God the Father — that is, they are of the "same substance" and are equally God. This term, adopted by the First Council of Nicaea, was intended to add clarity to the relationship between Christ and God the Father within the Godhead. From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homoousian

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From Greek homoiousios, of similar substance : homoio-, homeo- + ousi, substance (from ousa, feminine present participle of einai, to be; see es- in Appendix I).

Homoiousios is a Pagan word- not a God inspired word/Learn 1 Cor 4:6-.wordiqETYMOLOGY---


Will the Real Heretics Please Stand Up: A New Look at Today's Evangelical Church in the Light of Early Christianity,

by David W. Bercot (Scroll Pub, 1989, excerpts from pages 129-132, 135, 93-94, 97-98) [book review]


The big thing which happened was the Nicene Creed, was in this way: Most held out at first for a Scriptural language and expression to make clear against the Arians what the catholic doctrine had been, but as the discussions progressed it became evident that there was no Scriptural vocabulary which would correctly express the orthodox teaching. They lighted on a philosophical term) (same substance as) to express what they meant and what had always been the catholic teaching, but there was still needed a formula to summarize and convey their meaning -325nice.html




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Scholars acknowledge that the context here points to the rendering “produced” or “created,” since verses 24 and 25 speak of Wisdom as being “brought forth This rendering is borne out by the Greek Septuagint, the Syriac Peshitta Version and the Targums. So now even translations by Trinitarians, such as the Catholic Jerusalem Bible, use the rendering “produced” or “created.” Review all the below TRANSLATIONS After the NIV Note-Prov8-22.htm

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But what is Koine Greek?
Before Alexander the Great, the Greek language was an assortment of localized dialects. Alexander wanted a Greek language common to all peoples. It was called 'koine' or common. By the time the New Testament was written (mid to late 1st century A.D.) koine Greek had become the common language in Israel.

Koine Greek become more popular in Rome than Latin. One reason was Rome acceptance of all cult religions as long as the Emperor was worshipped as well. One of the titles of the Emperor was the koine word, "kurios," ( ku/riov ) which means "Lord." It was a divine title of the emperor! It was the main word used by the LXX (Septuagint) translators of the Old Testament when they translated the Hebrew word, YHVH.

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It is noteworthy that the New Testament was translated into three languages during the Koine period (b.330 AD), To see how Jesus was described at John 1:1 in the most ancient Coptic texts,

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(1)  Constantine himself proposed the wording of the new church-wide creed. To exclude the viewpoints of Arius, Constantine argued that the Greek term homoousios should be used to describe the relationship of Jesus and His Father. This term is usually translated into English by the phrase, "being of the same substance." ... In fact, several pre-Nicene Christian writers had used that term to describe the Deity of the Son. However, the term doesn't appear anywhere in Scripture, and it had never been included in any of the early congregational creeds. (p. 132)

For Full Article Click Here       http://www.bibletexts.com/terms/313ad.htm  FOR 3 Constantine's persuasive skills

When Jesus didn't come back after over 290 years. In 325 A.D.the people assembled together and Declared Jesus to be God and started Worshipping a false mental- Image of God.Compare  Acts 17:29 Image  formed by the art and thought of man. Open -Study Images.htm and Oneness.htmNiceneCouncilOriginalWrittingsWhatDidTheySay.htm-compare Parallel Events Open Exodus32-1-14.htm

Trindirty.htmThere are clear differences between mental perceptions and physical things.

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http://www.reference. Homoiousian

(2)   http://danielle-movie.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1276

(3) http://www.bartleby.com/61/88/H0258800.htm

(4) http://atheism.about.com/library/glossary/western/bldef_homoiousios.htm

wordiq. Homoousion+Homoiousios

http://atheism /library/homoiousios.htm


(5)  Click Here    http://www.bibletexts.com/qa/qa059.htm  FOR Question/insight #59: Should it be considered heresy today to reexamine decisions, practices, and traditions that were established by church leaders in the very early centuries -- decisions, practices, and traditions that have disallowed the full participation of women in church?     

More References

Ousia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



New Catholic Dictionary: Homoousion; Homoiousion 


Newman Reader - Treatises of St. Athanasius, Vol. 2 --- Homousion, Homœusion 


                                         ConstantinesCrossVision.htm plus all the below

 It was one of the major turning points in all of history. For Christendom

In 312, Constantine had a vision of a cross in the sky and he adopted Christianity.

It was one of the major turning points in all of history.

                                                                ConstantinesCrossVision.htm Plus CrossPlus.htm

Battle of Milvian Bridge---Battle of Milvian Bridge on October 28, 312.

The battle is noteworthy also because Constantinian victory was attributed by Christian sources to God.

Open Events of the battle

Bridge#Events_of_the_battle  plus The Edict of Milan,

 Christendom -The seeds of Christendom were laid in 306 A.D., when Emperor Constantine became co-ruler of the Roman Empire. In 312 he converted to Christianity, and in 325 Christianity became the official religion of the Empire.

Constantine1& 2 Established Christianity as the official religion, but he did so by including the Trinity into the official religion. The Trinity is unsupported by the Bible and since Constantine was pagan the concept of Trinity would have sat easily with him. This situation would also go a long way to explain why so many Christians might believe in the Trinity today - due to church tradition.  Note the Trinity concept was formulated as a political solution to Constantine’s problems of stabilizing his empire through compromise on religious issues—This Is-Additional Note Sent in by a Reader-AdditionalNote2.htm

                               Constantine1&2  Established Christianity as the official religion

2.1  The original Nicene Creed of 325

                                                                                   2.2 The Nicene Creed of 381

                                                                 2.3 Comparison between Creed of 325 and Creed of 381                          

The haughty Said to Jesus--- JN 7:20

The crowd answered, "You have a demon ! Who seeks to kill You?"  Study WhatDefilesTheMan.htm

Constanstine1 Baptism

          Open  [edit] 326-death  Open

The Baptism of Constantine, as imagined by students of Raphael.

In 326, Constantine had his eldest son Crispus tried and executed, as he believed accusations that Crispus had been having an affair with Fausta, Constantine's second wife. A few months later he also had Fausta killed as the apparent source of these false accusations.

Eusebius reports that Constantine was baptized only shortly before his death in 337. With this, he followed one custom at the time which postponed baptism till old age or death[6]. According to Jerome, Constantine's choice fell upon the Arian bishop Eusebius of Nicomedia, who happened, despite his being an ally of Arius, still to be the bishop of the region.

Notwithstanding his conversion to Christianity, Constantine was deified, like several other Christian emperors after him. By this late stage of the Empire, deification had lost much of its original religious meaning, and had simply become little more than a posthumous honour.[citations needed] His body was transferred to Constantinople and buried in the Church of the Holy Apostles there.

Eusebius baptised Constantine the Great in 337 just before the death of the Emperor.


References^ Eusebius of Nicomedia. Catholic Encyclopedia. Retrieved on 2007-02-18.

This article includes content derived from the Schaff-Herzog Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge, 1914, which is in the public domain.

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