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 Test   All   Said   Bibles and Doctrines of devils (demons).that if you believe them they can cost you your Salvation.

Open 1_timothy/4-1.  SBT informs you that Doctrines of devils are made up by changing words in the Bible.

                           God has let man take care of the Holy Scriptures and we now have to

                                    Search for the evil changes Christendom Has made.    Compare EnoughIsEnough.     

Very important question for all that believe that Bible is God’s Word and not mans word.  

Question: Has God giving any man the right to make Doctrines and call them Holy Doctrines AddYourComments    

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            It Is Time to Show the Public What Most Bible Publishers Have

  Done at their own discretion to some words and/or sentences In Many Bibles.

        You have FREE-WILL to read any Bible you choose to. Bibles --

We have in Library many other words that have been tampered with to make Doctrines of devils (demons).

             SBT is now only responding (to Mail) to changed words in the Bible and what is written in GODorgod.htm 

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                                                     First Up Is


Open Two_Notable_Corruptions_of_Scripture   ·  1 John 5:7 ·  2 1 Timothy 3:16

Using the writings of the early Church Fathers, the Greek and Latin manuscripts and the testimony of the first versions of the Bible, Newton claims to have demonstrated that the words "in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one," that support the Trinity doctrine, did not appear in the original Greek Scriptures.

 Compare  Compare other Bibles.

 1Timothy 3:16--Compare Jesus+is+He+the+Antecedent+in+1Timothy+3:16&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8


                           Compare the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost or Spirit

                                             the Father and of the Son and of the holy spirit--Spurious text added.

                                                                     in Matthew 28:19 and Matt-28-19-S.htm--NWTstudyr 

                                                                The Trinity--three in one person, who made that up?            

                                                                                COMMON VERSES argued about

COMMON VERSES Has a list of verses that Trinitarians use to support their very important doctrine.

In reality there are only two verses that seem to support the Trinity Doctrine

Matthew 28:19 and 1 John 5:7 and 8 which have spurious text added.

TAKE NOTE that all other verses quoted are not directly related

to the Trinity AS TO THE  HOLY SPIRIT being one person as God it is not mentioned.

 So that proves that the Trinity Doctrine is imaginary, the 3 in1 Concept. TrinityBestDescribedAndSimplified.htm

Open COMMON VERSES and Compare

26 Top Bible Verses About the Trinity - Father, Son, Holy Spirit Scriptures

Compiled and Edited by BibleStudyTools Staff on 2/4/2015

1 John 5:8 the Spirit, the water and the blood; and the three are in agreement. no mention of three persons being one,

. Matthew 28:19 Even if the Father, Son and holy spirit are mentioned in the original text of this verse,

that does not prove the Trinity. The doctrine of the Trinity states that the Father, Son and “Holy Spirit” together make “one God.”.

 This verse refers to three, but never says they are “one.” Person.  [Man made that up.]see 18

and examine every verse quoted and

you will see that there is no mention of the Holy Sprit being one person with the Father and the Son.


And examine YOUR CHUCHES Statement+of+Faith

Also see

TrinitySimplified -



The Hebrew Scriptures mentions the word God’s Spirit but not Jesus being one with it.



Holy Spirit - Wikipedia

Holy Spirit: What Is the Holy Spirit? - Life, Hope & Truth


                  But many still argued that Jesus is God

·                    Comparison between Creed of 325 and Creed of 381 No Trinity in 325 add in 381


·           and before then read Early Christian writings


·                    Compare Nontrinitarianism

·                    When did Jesus become God Read 58.htm Compare when+did+jesus+become+God


                                                Any difficulty in understanding any verse is

                                   intentionally caused by the translators and Bible Publishers.

.                           John1.1 Any difficulty in understanding this verse is

intentionally caused by the translators and Bible Publishers Read  FooterJpg1--3Theologies--3WorstBibleMistakes.

                                                                                GODorgod.htm and 70-John-1-1-Truths.htm  


                                                                               John 3:16

God’s only begotten Son or one and only Son.. One and only Son appears to be OK but confusing

                                                   Open GodsonlybegottenSonBegottenisout.htm



                                        Only begotten Plus SONS OF GOD NWT. Commentary SBT Recommends this. 


                         Does (one and only son) at John 3:16 instead of

                    Only begotten son, support the trinity doctrine AddYourComments


         God has let man take care of the Holy Scriptures and we now have to

               Search for the evil changes Christendom Has made—See BibleWordsChanged. 


Now the Spirit speaks expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart

            from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils;

Open Doctrines of devils are made up by changing words in the Bible.

                Always Keep In Mind That Most all If Not all Proclaimed Christian Groups and individuals Base their

                 Statement+of+Faith (s) and/or Beliefs *from* the Bible Translations They Rely Upon *for * Truth.There

                                                           are Two Types of Christian Bibles   EnoughIsEnough. 



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