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 1 Cor3:9 

The Greek word for “fellow worker,” sy·ner·gosʹ, 

Appears more than ten times in the Christian Greek

Scriptures, most often in Paul’s letters. The expression

Is used regarding those who shared together in spreading

The good news.

(Ro 16:9, 21; 2Co 1:24; 8:23; Php 2:25; 4 :3;

Col 4:11; Phm 1, 24) Here Paul calls attention to the

great privilege that Christian ministers have of being

“God’s fellow workers.” (See study note on 1Co 3:6.)

Paul expresses a similar thought at 2Co 6:1, where he

speaks about “working together with him,” that is, with

God.​—2Co 5:20; see study note on Ro 16:3.

You are God’s field under cultivation: God, not Paul,

was the true and rightful Owner of the field of growing

Christians. Unless God imparted his blessing and spirit,

all the work that Paul or Apollos did would be without

results. (See study note on 1Co 3:6.) The term rendered

field under cultivation” (Greek, ge·orʹgi·on) appears only

here in the Christian Greek Scriptures. Although Corinth’s

economy was mainly based on trade, the area was

renowned for its fertility. In addition to this illustration

based on agriculture, Paul introduces another illustration

in this verse, that of construction. (See study note on 

God’s building in this verse.) Paul appeals to different

members of the congregation, since construction and

agriculture were two common activities in the ancient world.

God’s building: Here Paul likens the Christian congregation

to a building. In the next verse, he compares himself to a

builder, working together with God in a spiritual construction

work to produce Christian disciples who have durable qualities.

(1Co 3:10-15) At 1Co 3:16 (see study note), Paul calls the

congregation “God’s temple.” At Eph 2:21, 22, the

congregation is called “a holy temple” that God inhabits

by spirit.” This means that God uses his holy spirit, or

nvisible active force, to motivate those in the congregation,

to sustain them, and to help them cultivate its fruitage.

(Ga 5:22, 23) The apostle Peter uses a similar comparison,

calling the disciples “living stones.” (1Pe 2:5) The apostles

and prophets are likened to the foundation, and Jesus is

the foundation cornerstone.”​—Eph 2:20.

Marginal References

·                     +MMt 9:37, 38

<·                     +EEph 2:22; 1Pe 2:5


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