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Now That We Are In The Communications Age We Can Eximine Everything Ourselves.

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There are some words in most Bibles that were not in the original inspired writings. Plus Many use Words or

Word Expressions to---fit --their Beliefs with unbiblical Words that are not inspired Words of YHWH

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Jehovah O rYahweh- and 010.htm.


GOD or god

Bad Translating Breeds and Supports Bad Doctrines— AFact.htm

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Now That We Are In The CommunicationsAge.htm We Can Eximine Everything Ourselves

We are in The Communications age.What Does That Mean For Proclaimed Christians?

It means Bible Publishers can construct Better Bibles –But most are

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In a beginning was the Word, and the Word was with the God, and a god was the Word-

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 "In the Beginning" - does this prove that Jesus is God?
In John 1:1 and Genesis 1:1 we find the following scriptures :G1J1.htm

The Best New Four KJV’s

New King JamesVersionsKJV’s Now Has-

Restored GOD’s Name-YahwehWordiQ.htm & 010.htm

God has no personal name in Greek or any other language-Only Hebrew

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(1) Sacred Scriptures, F Y Edition

(2) Sacred Name King James Bible

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Next When God’s Name is not in the (NT) Bible you Read

How can you tell Who is The Father and God of Jesus


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Who Jesus said to  Worship

We are in The Communications age.—

What Does That Mean For Proclaimed Christians—

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SBT’s N0.1 Main Subject For the year 2008+ Is Worship &-Jesus’ Main Message TwTwC

Plus What are you Blaming-GOD -for today?

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SBT’s Strives to bring YOU (open)-1-Pure spiritual milk  

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 For NASB-open-1 Pet 2:2 )- so that through it you may grow into salvation,

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Readers*You are Invited*To participate

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Worship--Who is doing it right according to Jesus?

 3W.htm- There is a lot to say about it especially

Since Satan wanted Jesus-To-Worship--Him—

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If You worship before me, Satan  said to Jesus- open - [In Context|F90 lu 4:7. &

Names And Titles Of Christ Jesus.htm--TheosGod-2316-God-god-Strongs N0’S.htm- Open Jesus-3W.htm-

Jesus exposed Satan crafty acts schemes .Eph  6:11 1 Jn 3:8

Put on the full armor of GOD (JorY) , so that you will be able to stand firm against the schemes of the devil. 6:11

Next is Strong’s N0.s Free in e-Sword http://www.e-sword.net

(KJV+Strong’s N0.s Free) Put on1746 the3588 whole armor3833 of God,2316 that ye5209 may be able1410

to stand2476 against4314 the3588 wiles3180 of the3588 devil.1228 G3180 μεθοδεία methodeia meth-od-i'-ah

From a compound of G3326 and G3593 [compare “method”]; traveling over, that is, travesty, (trickery)

wile, lie in wait. Strong’s N0.s Free in e-Sword http://www.e-sword.net


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SBT Believes It Can Get The Truth Out Of Any Bible—

Only Because Of a Trained Eye--- And Applying It

 on Good Bible Dictionaries and Encyclopedias –and New Translations Notes that

Harmonize with all Scriptures and Nothing But the Scriptures 2 Tim 3-16-17 –Rev 22- 16-21

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The Most Popular Verse in All of Proclaimed Christianity---John 3-16     

Has been modified by many New Bible Publishers to Fit Their Own Greek Philosophical Theology

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Subject:IS Life and Death



and Worship 4W.htm

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SBT1-FOR THE SHORT IT On the True Hebrew Names of Jehovah and Jesus—It Would be Nice If All Modern

Day Bible Publishers Would Use Them--And All Christian Congregations---

Or at Least Their Equivelent in Each Language—

Some Already do That or Teach the Truth About it.

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SBT1 Is The Tetragrammaton Testifier----



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If You go to a Congregation that Teaches all the Above ---You can feel Safe and not Sorry about that--

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