19. As they safely store away for themselves the treasures of a fine

foundation in that which is coming, so they can put on the real life.

Plus More All of Chapter 6 1 Timothy

1 Now, those that are in bondage as slaves should treat their masters as worthy of all honor, so that the Name of God and our teachings won’t be slandered.
2 And those that have believing owners shouldn’t think less of them because they are brothers.
Rather, they should zealously serve them as slaves, because those that work hard are considered faithful and are loved in return.
Keep on teaching these things and giving them this encouragement!

3 Now, if anyone is teaching something different and doesn’t follow these life-giving words (which are those of our Lord Jesus the Anointed One), or doesn’t teach deep respect for God;
4 He’s just blowing smoke, he doesn’t understand anything well, and he has become mentally diseased with doubts and debates over words…
The results of which create envy, arguing, slandering, wicked suspicions, 
5 and ‘making mountains out of mole hills.’
Men with corrupt minds like that have let themselves be robbed of the truth…
And they’re the same ones who say that we should earn a profit from this worship.

6 Yet, we do gain much profit from this worship… that is, if we pay our own way.
7 For none of us brought anything into the world and we can’t carry anything out.
8 So if we have enough to eat and enough to wear, we should be satisfied with that.

9 However, those that want to be rich fall into temptation, snares, and many foolish and damaging desires, which drag people down into destruction and ruin…
10 For the love of money is the root of everything that’s bad.
And because some have reached out for it, they’ve been led away from the faith and into error, stabbing themselves all over and causing themselves a lot of pain.

11 But you, O man of God;
Flee from these things and pursue righteousness, reverence, faith, love, endurance, and inner strength.
12 Yes, wrestle the fine match of the faith and put on the age-long life to which you were called and about which you offered such a fine confession before so many witnesses!

13 I’m ordering you in the sight of The God through whom all lives may be saved, and of the Anointed Jesus who gave such a fine confession before Pontius Pilate14 to obey these instructions flawlessly and blamelessly until the appearance of our Lord Jesus the Anointed One!
15 For he will appear at his own set time…
This praised and only sovereign;
The King of those that rule as kings and Lord of those who rule as lords;
16 The one who alone has immortality and who lives in unapproachable light;
The one whom no man has seen or can see.
May he have honor and age-long power
May it be so!

17 Also, give orders to those that are rich in this age not to think too much of themselves and not to trust in their wealth (which is fickle), but in God who brings [the type of] wealth to us that we can truly enjoy.
18 [Yes, teach them to] work at being good, to be rich in good deeds, and to be generous and ready to share, 19 as they safely store away for themselves the treasures of a fine foundation in that which is coming, so they can put on the real life.

20 O Timothy; Guard this hope and turn away from all the worldly babbling, as well as all that is falsely called ‘knowledge;’
21 For it’s through [such things] that some who once showed much promise in the faith have been turned aside.

May [God’s] loving care be with you.