1TruthSBTNote- How the First Lie is what started all Mankindís Problems and One Third of the Angel[4] to do bad.

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† The First Implied Lie-G/3-4.

Adam and Eve did not ask forgiveness and they both blamed God for what they didóThat is in Gen-3-12-13-ParallelCommentaries.htm

Satanís Next Biggest LieóIs Implying that Jesus [Testimony Of Himself] is something More Then what He Himself said about Himself is comparable to Satanís first Open Lies and Implied. Barnes' Notes on the Bible Says This About EVE Let us remember that this was the first falsehood the woman ever heard. Her mind was also infantile as yet, so far as experience was concerned. The opening mind is naturally inclined to believe the truth of every assertion, until it has learned by experience the falsehood of some. There was also in this falsehood what gives the power to deceive, a great deal of truth combined with the element of untruth. The tree was not physically fatal to life, and the eating of it really issued in some knowledge of good and evil. Nevertheless, the partaking of what was forbidden issued in the legal and actual privation of life. And it did not make them know good and evil altogether, as God knows it, but in an experimental sense, as the devil knows it. In point of knowledge, they became like God; in point of morality, like the tempter. Barnes' Notes on the Bible 3,4 and 5 óBiblos-CommenGen/3-4. Did the Nicene Creed Makers know more about Jesus then He did of Himself? [Testimony Of Himself] VS-Pro Nicene--Creed-Say Yes Nicene Council Original Writtings What Did They Say.htm


If YOU believe a lie wittingly or unwittingly then teach that lie that makes YOU a liar. Satan wants YOU to lie and die eternally

Att .Rev 21:8 All LiarsOpen Lies.

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