1dThe Bible Contradicts itselfwhen does that happen? The Simple Answer is

(1)-When the Bible Publishers use their own Open Theology and dont explain it in Foot-Notes why they have printed that way.

It happens when Doctrines or Beliefs they believe in are formulated out of context and conflict with other Theological Beliefs

About 5% wrong in most Bibles

Today there is probably less then 5% real difference between one New Bible and another in BDPlus.htm


There are really only Two Types of Bibles Today Open- http://www.simplebibletruths.net/BiblesTwoTypes.htm


The Bible Publishers print what ever they want to


Open BiblePublishersAccountableToWho.htm






God The Son.

The Expository Library 20.htm 




IntentionalFallacy.htm The word that made Jesus God-Open Homoousion.htm


The Bible. The Holy Scriptures did not Contradict itself until the invent of Jesus being God