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SBT-Has The Facts That Matter About Bibles. SBT Is A

(And Has Open) Biblical Historial Libraries-

That Is Better Then A Regular Bible Website or

Church Website Because We Fix Their Errors

SBT Uses The God Never Changes Rule. RulePart2.

God Word Has Been Changed bY mAN.

First Read Why Original Foot Notes Were Written.

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The Bible Was Perfect When It Was First Hand Written - Bing

No Bible Is Perfect Today And Why - Bing

But Some Modern Best 7 Bibles aRE Accurate

Enough For US to Gain Salvation-SalvationDependsOn.

See More Best 7 Bibles Online Now Why

And The Open Best 7 Bibles Plus And Why


God Never Changes GOD NEVER CHANGES - Bing

Some Imaginations Of Godís Head.


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