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If you can’t find a word (or some words) in the Bible Dictionaries or Encyclopedias that simply means that word was not

in the original manuscripts. If it is in there Read it and learn. Some of the Encyclopedias will even tell you

the history about the word --and when they got in some Bibles  --or about when they got in there.

Then YOU know whether they are not Original ---or Original


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The word "Godhead" is a simple doublet of the less frequently occurring "Godhood." Both forms stand side by side in the Ancren Riwle (about 1225 AD), Godhead and both have survived until today,

The word "Godhead" occurs in the

King James Version only 3 times

Acts  17:29 Acts%2017:29&version=9

Rom 1:20  Romans%201:20;&version=9 ;

Acts Col 2:9 Colossians%202:9;&version=9;  Open The Next 3 are NASB

(Acts 17:29; Romans 1:20; Colossians 2:9), and oddly enough it translates in these 3 passages, 3 different, though closely related, Greek words, to theion theiotes, theotes. To theion means "that which is Divine," concretely, or, shortly, "the Deity." Among the Greeks it was in constant use in the sense of "the Divine Being," and particularly as a general term to designate the Deity apart from reference to a particular god. It is used by Paul (Acts 17:29)-- (about 1225 AD), Godhead

Godhead formed by the art and thought of man.—Study-- Images.htm and

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