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(1)   Jesus is God-This concept is called today [Oneness].This [Concept] was first

declared as Holy Truthat the First Nicene Council meeting in [325/ 381].

This concept was declared by man not by Jesus or Jehovah Or Yahweh.


(2)   Jesus is God and The Holy Spirit is God --3in One Concept--Three separate 

<personagees but one at Will.This concept was declared by man not by Jesus or

Jehovah Or Yahweh at the Second Nicene Council meeting in 381 B.C.

Compare Creeds of 325 and Creed of  381ó

Latest Revised http://www.usccb.org/beliefs-and-teachings/what-we-believe  Compare

Why Is It Necessary To Keep Revising the Nicene Creed Century after Century? 

OPEN 0A6 & Holy Trinity.


(3) Jesus is Godís only created Son and all other Sons and all other things came into

exist through Godís First BornThe Holy Scriptures Declare this as Godís Words and not

mans made up declaration done with the Greek Theology Word Open Homoousion

Jesus and his Apostles declared that Jesus was Godís Son and that Jesus came down

from Heaven to fulfill the prophesies and

Sacrificed Himself to his Father for Mankindí SalvationóNo Bible renders the WORD 

GodTheSon--Meaning that God came down from Heaven and gave Himself the Name

Jesus and Sacrificed Himself to Himself. Who really believes that God makes Sacrifices---

Man is to obey God and God set up Sacrifices that man did. God would be God if He

has to make Sacrificesóthe real life person of Jesus Made THE Sacrifice and did so

of his own FREE-WILL. Open 5 You have known this, that no person who is a

fornicator or impure or a greedy person (who is an idol worshipper

[Worship According To Jesus])  has any inheritance

in The Kingdom of The Messiah and of God.

About Jesus-EXPLAINED in full-Open and Study Jesus

About GOD-EXPLAINED in full-Open and Study GODorgod-

All Manuscripts Were Written In All Capital Letters


Sample https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gospel_of_John

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