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To Read. SBT Says Here Are The Best 4 is now 7 That Are The Most Accurate. 

Plus See What Is written In Second Group Under Each N0.--Which Is Very

Important To Know. 4 of 5 Of The Best Bibles Are Now Online To Read Listed

By The Newest. We Have Three More Now. The Facts That Matter About The Trinity.

                                   Make No Mistake about It—

The Best Bibles Give YOU a Better Chance at Gaining Salvation

Non-Trinity Based Bibles Best 4+3 Starts Here

 (1)  2013  NWT BIBLE W/Voice Reader-Plus Online Library and Other Bibles.


(2)   2001 Translation 

(3) New Simplified Bible 

(4) Nazarene 2000+ Open 46/015.php and Home


(5) Goodspeed Edgar J. Goodspeed New Testament


(6) Moffatt James Moffatt New Testament


(7) Diaglott Emphatic Diaglott New Testament


(8) + Open— 70 Not Online. Scroll Down At The Bottom For Information.

Second Group

With Very Important Information About Each Bible

Starts Here.

(1)   Newest Bible 2013 Open Read the Bible Online NWT With Library.

Open For Library.

Why N0.1 Because of all the revisions.


Plus they have corrected almost all that is in BibleWordsChanged.html 

Plus Lies.html

The Other 3 plus the one No.5 have also corrected almost all that is in


 If you need help understanding any verse E-Mail the


The Best Bible Publishers have at there access photocopies of copies of the

original Hand written manuscripts today more now then at any time in the

past due to we are in the communication age. So the Best Bible Publishers

are refining many verses today so that they are up to date with modern

English and Many Other languages as well.


The SBT Library keeps a watch on what they are doing.

Truth about what man has done with Christianity Though Out All History and

Then The Work Being done to Restore to the Original Truth.

Read (A) , (B) and (C) 

For Bible Students that are interested in that’s-not-what-bible-says.

Great Article From News Week Magazine

The Bible: So Misunderstood It's a Sin

(A)  Open

(B) Open We Need  Restorationism and Nontrinitarianism

(C) Understanding Open textual criticism This Explains How These

 Bibles Are Getting Fixed. And Therefore SBT Has Choosing

These 4 Compare Open Bibles To Types.   


(2)   Open 2001 Translation 2001/2006+With Built in Verse pP

Commentary Plus. Open Linked S C 

Write editor@2001translation.comAnd you can ask questions.

2001 Translation Gets Matt-28-19 Right Matt-28-19

So now, go make disciples in all nations Open in my name

There are 65 Other Bibles That Get It right Compare PDF .


Use Microsoft Edge in Favorites, you can hear it read.

Open Favorites and Click on Read aloud.

Plus they have corrected almost all that is in BibleWordsChanged.html 

Plus Lies.html

Learn The True Meaning Of Oneness.

God has promised that in the last days[1] he will set things right.

 Mic 4:3  Mic 4:1-4: Commentary in it-2 206.

The first logical way He will do this is to give us a Bible Translation

that will be accurate enough for us the get through the Great Tribulation.

Open “Your Deliverance Is Getting Near”!

and Great tribulation Also Read The Subtitles At The Left Of That Page.

Compare The Great Tribulation (updated 10/3/2017) From 2001 Translation Commentary.

Compare Free-Will and FreeWillPlus.

Plus Read NoSalvationForBadCreedTeachers. 


(3) New Simplified Bible  2003+- Open studybible.infor 

This studybible.infor is nothing more then a list of different

Bibles that are Trinity Based Bibles and New Simplified Bible 

Is not. New Simplified Bible is the most accurate Bible that

Websites has.

Plus they have corrected almost all that is in

BibleWordsChanged.html  Plus Lies.html



(4) Nazarene 2000+ Open /46/015.php

Home has commentary click on N0.S in  

each sentence and learn what is about in /us  

Contact Write And you can ask questions.

Make No Mistake about It—

The Best Bibles Give YOU a Better Chance at Gaining Salvation

If you believe something that is printed wrong YOU are being mislead

and will not gain Salvation Open Salvation Depends On.

Plus they have corrected almost all that is in

 BibleWordsChanged.html Plus Lies.html


For those that like to debate The Trinity you can do it with  




(5) Get This Bible if you can

Open Twenty First Century New Testament Literal Translation: ...

A New and Literal Translation of All the Books of the Old and New Testament ..

Literal and Accurate Translation of the New TestamentV. S. Herrell (1995, 2001) ...

The 21t Century New Testament: The Ljteral/Free Dual Translation, Vivian Capel ...

Send mail to the webmaster with questions or comments about this web site.


There are 150+ Other New Bibles Online but they are all Trinity Based Bibles,

Meaning That The Publishers print some verses to make Jesus to appear to be God.

Open IntentionalFallacy.html Compare GodTheSon.htm

And they have not corrected what in BibleWordsChanged.html

Slowly they are removing their errors.

The Bibles are in BestTrinityBasedBibles.html

Compare Open


Study what in BibleWordsChanged.html Then Check Your Favorite Bible.


The Best 4 Bibles list above have already corrected almost

All that is in BibleWordsChanged. That is why they are the 4 Best Bibles.



Bibles Why Do People Continue To Produce New Bible Translations

SBT Coped this and added some links for study

Coped From 



False Preachers--How To SPOT One Fast!!! (Open) FalsePreachers.


Bible Publishers Must Explain What They Are

Doing In Their Foot-Notes (open) FooterJpg.htm  


Without good Foot-Notes (Open) FooterJpg.htm  

Learn what Bible Publishers will do (Open) IntentionalFallacy.

Today this is called IntentionalFallacy.

 Advanced Students Can Learn More in

 (Open) BiblePublishersAccountabletoWhomMore.htm

About The Importance of What is in a Statement of Faith.

Plus BiblePublishersAccountableToWhoFactsExtented2222013.htm


Best Commentary About The Heart

Who ever trusts in his own heart is stupid.​—Prov. 28:26.

A popular philosophy or common adage is: Follow your heart. But doing that can be dangerous.

And in a sense, doing so is unscriptural. The Bible warns us not to let our imperfect heart or mere

sentiment rule when we are making decisions. And Bible accounts show the sad consequences of

 following one’s heart. The core problem is that in imperfect humans, “the heart is more treacherous

than anything else and is desperate.” (Jer. 3:17; 13:10; 17:9; 1 Ki. 11:9) So, what could it mean for us

if we simply follow our heart and let our emotions dictate our thinking and actions? For example,

 what might happen if we make decisions when we are angry? The answer may be obvious if we

 have done this in times past. (Prov. 14:17; 29:22) Or is it likely that we will make sound decisions

 when we are discouraged? (Num. 32:6-12; Prov. 24:10) Clearly, we could easily be deceived by

our emotions if we allow them to prevail when we are making important decisions. w17.03 2:12, 13





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 0f Theology.htm He will cause to become--- TETRAGRAMMATON.


New About God’s Name In Hebrew in-The Old HomePage.html. 

New: Video and more. They say Yehovah is God’s right pronunciation.

 Not God YeHoWaH or Yahweh for Hebrew.

For Hebrew Yehovah for English Jehovah.

Open The Old HomePage.html. It has been updated  for YOU on

5-20-2018 and click on the link that opens the Video about Yehovah.

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Compare-- SBtsCommentaryNote.htm & SolaScriptura.htm

Sola scriptura (Latin ablative, "by scripture alone") is the assertion that the Bible 

as God's written word is self-authenticating, clear (perspicuous) to the rational reader,

its own interpreter ("Scripture interprets Scripture"),

and sufficient of itself to be the final authority of Christian doctrine.


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