4W SBT Page --Subject:IS Life and Death-DustToDust1.htm—and Worship

Life--Who Started Life and How Did it Expand According To Jesus and God’s Inspired Verses. Open  Life

Main Subject --That Everybody Ask --Is -----When Adam and Eve Sinned--

Why didn’t GOD not just kill Satan , Adam and Eve and start over with another human pair?

Part of the answer is that—(1)-That the next pair would do the same sin if God didn’t deal with the situation in a way that

would make all Spirits Sons of God and Humuns to Obey God out of loving Him and appriciating  what God had given them--

 a FREE-WILL life to obey him


(2) What do Spirits Sons of God and Humuns really want from God---From Him to make the Rules—or for them to

make up they own rules—Ie.—To govern themselves and their off spring or to get suggestions from GOD and God’s Spirits Sons

Meaning open SatansID and/or  make their own civil ordinances—These are qestions of—Who’s going to be the Boss? Ect.


Satan –Eve--Then Adam Became Discontent /Malcontent With GODs (Study JehovahOrYahweh-)

Rule Or Ruleship And  Disired Self Rule --By Testing God --to see what GOD would do if they didn’t want to do what GOD had

sets before them.To Get the full story and the solution open SatanEveThenAdamBecameDiscontent.htm –Preview--

Satans Main Purpose.htm is to get YOU Malcontent