56 (Doctrines) Doctors of the Church are in every Proclaimed Christian Church

 And all Churches have a Statement of Faith or Beliefs to prove it-

Catholic Churches plus more.
This subject stabs at the heart of every Proclaimed Christian Church

Down through all of Christianity's History from the  Apostles' Creed open ApostlesCreed.htm

To every other  Christian creeds


When talking about "Doctor of Theology", we must look carefully at what the term "Doctor" means. "To Doctor" means to try to explain the

Truth as they comprehend it-- Consequently, we could even surmise a Doctor of Theology is by extension someone who through study puts forward a theological idea in any area of study.
All Churches have Doctors of Theology, so in effect these are people who by their membership of the church and research within the church,

will put forward that church's views. But they may not necessarily be Biblical truths ----where all Holy Verses of any one given subject will all harmonize

Compare—THE Interpretation.htm Page.  The Truth COMES First to the common people by Bible Translations—then  PlusOthers.htm

Compare The Preface.htm Page.

Always Keep In Mind That Most all If Not all Proclaimed Christian Groups and individuals Base their

Statement of Faith (s) and/or Beliefs *from* the Bible Translations They Rely Upon *for *Truth.There

are Two Types of Christian Bibles Open BiblesTwoTypes.htm


Putting the term "Doctor" in front of their name appears to convey they are knowledgeable –of putting forward ideas that are within the Bible

and many ideas appears to be cleverly constructed and so a Church will adopt them as a basic list---but a lot more is usually involved.


Obviously people put huge effort into earning these qualifications, and education itself can be worthwhile, but all their study could all be in vain if

the church supports un-Biblical views or promotes un-Biblical practices. We are to worship God in spirit and in truth (John 4:24 ). WorshipYHWHGodOnly.htm


After all, if you have the truth of God’s Words, why do you need to disguise or "Doctor" it?

We know that Jesus had some Apostles who were fishermen and un-educated (Acts

 but they clearly understood the word of God and preached it well.  

May we never lose sight of the need to know God’s word and teach it carefully?
(1 Peter 4:11). Amen.


In Roman Catholicism, a Doctor of the Church (Latin doctor, teacher, from Latin docere, to teach) is a saint from whose writings the whole Christian Church is held to have derived great advantage and to whom "eminent learning" and "great sanctity" have been attributed by a proclamation of a pope or of an ecumenical council. This honor is given rarely, only posthumously, and only after canonization. No ecumenical council has yet exercised the prerogative of proclaiming a Doctor of the Church.


SBT Reminds People of the following----- YOU Must Choose what group to follow.

Before Jesus came there were the Jewish Scriptural Teachers –

Some understood exactly When Jesus was to appear and some did not—and it was a continuous discussion—

but the fact was that God only worked through the Israelites (that one group of people) so as then as today

YOU must Choose what group to follow. It is reasonable (BiblicalLOGISTICS.htm) to believe that good

Translations Provide Insight to the end of the Gentile Rule and the beginning of the Final Harvest Work. 

HARVESTwork.htm—Jesus’ PresenceOrComing.htm


A Good Simple Rule to follow isImitate.htm.  The ImitateRule.htm

If it does not originate From Jesus’ Father and God it is exceeding what is

Written and comes from Men’s Imagination—1 Cor 4:6-  1 John 2:16  is not from the Father, but is from the world.


Each person has an accounting to God Rom 14:12 and at this time

         You have the right and the Free-Will gift of God to examine all that the Library has made accessible for you

         as FREEasGOD.htm Compare Acts 17:11 and Imitate.htm. Study The ImitateRule.htm



The SBT Library Advocates that each person Thoroughly examine their Churches

Statement of Faith or Beliefs and agree with it before becoming a member



What (Or/Who) Is The FaithfulAndDiscreetSlave.htm Then Compare with Pope Origin




Was Peter the Head of the ‘Church’?-PopeORIGIN.htm


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The Bottom Line in CommentaryNote.htmPlus what is Valid in Theology Open *GOD defined*

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