Page 58 The Real Facts About How Jesus Was Declared To

Be God By Man And Not By God. Arius

According to its opponents, especially Athanasius, Arius' teaching

Reduced the Son to a demigod, reintroduced polytheism

(since the worship [Worship][Test] of the Son was not abandoned),

And undermined The Christian Concept [Concept1] 

         Of Redemption Since [Concept] Only

Christ Who Was Truly God [ConceptID] Could Redeem The World.

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idea · notion · conception · abstraction · conceptualization · theory · hypothesis postulation

belief · conviction · opinion · view · image · impression · picture  Compare A Fact.


From the outset, the controversy between both parties took

place upon the common basis of the Neoplatonic Concept

of ousia [Ousia - Wikipedia] Open Bing.Search? =Neoplatonic Concepts

Neoplatonic Concepts Influence On The Christianity God Or 3 Persons?

 ("substance" or "stuff"

[Open Homoousion] ),Which was foreign to The New Testament Itself.

Foreign Meaning The Unbiblical Word That Make Jesus God

Declared By The Man Of The Open First Council of Nicaea in 325.

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Wikipedia/Nicene The_Original_Nicene_Creed_of_325

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The Development Of The Canon Of The New Testament  

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What First Century Christians Believed.

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None Of The First Century Original Christians

Believed That.

Open Jesus Was Not God or Any Part Of A Trinity.

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The First Christians Did Not Believe Jesus Was

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