6--Many Bible Publishers Translated- a-god or a-God-Long Before Colwell’s Birth. Open John 1:1 Page and JOHN1onePLUS.htm

Colwell’s Best Bibles Coming In The FUTURE.htm-


All their (Trinitarian/Oneness) Commentaries insist that Jesus is an uncreated being when the Original Holy Verses Clearly states he was created .If the Holy Writers of the Completed Bible wanted the readers of the Holy Verses to know that Jesus was God and was not created they

would have written it clearly To Be So.


John 17:29 {G} --an image formed by the art and thought of man.
The Trinity is the art of mans thoughts after the Completed Bible (Study-Images).

Many have phantom thoughts that God is Two or Three in One and Jesus only Existed in God’s Mind until God created himself in the flesh and called himself Jesus (Compare this commentary in (open) John 17:5) Let himself to be killed ---raised himself ---then returned to Heaven to being a thought of God –That can make himself Jesus again at any time to give revelation to John. This line of artistic thought makes Jesus not real. Do you Deny Jesus Life as you have yourself. TheEVILSideOFTheTRINITY.


Jesus words areHe was with God before the world was Jn 17:5 --came to earth Jn 6:38 --not to his own will –but to do the wwill of His God .God then Named him Jesus Matt 1:20 1:21 Jesus died and His God raised Him and then He returned to Heaven and Kept the name Jesus.

Theology in Harmony from 1:26 3:22 Prov8-22 to Rev 1:1 11:1 Rev22-16-21 and Heb 13:8. Matt 28:18 .


We can’t see what is in heaven—

but we are told to Worship only the God of Jesus—and not any likeness to what Is in Heaven—

Jesus is the likeness of God and not to be Worshiped---Study Ex 20:4

Jesus said you ***must*** Worship The Father(which is His God) in Spirit and Truth.

What did Jesus say to do concerning him Open Jn 5:23 and PROSKUNEO.htm

Study KingJesusHasSPOKEN.-- WorshipLibraryList.htm Plus Worship1.htm


Fact—There’s Been No Holy Writers since the Completed Bible ----Only commentators—and you have The Free-Will Right to examine whatever they have Written and choose for yourself if the unbiblical words UnbiblicalWordsThatInvalidateGodsWords

they use to support their Fantasy OneTwoThreeEqualsOne deserves it’s New name Trindirty


Their Doctrinal Creeds are invalid simply because their Keywords

 do not stay inside (within) the Holy Verses (The Holy Vocabulary) to Support Their Beliefs.


The word that made Jesus God-Open Homoousion and AFact.htm


Original Holy Verses ? Who has them and Holds Fast to them TraditionPlusVerses and

 Imitate.htm ---You must choose From the Bibles the Trinitarian/Oneness

Publish Bibles or The BestnonTrinitarianOnenessBibles Publications.



CommentaryNote.htmPlus what is Valid in Theology

Open 2 Tim 3:17- 3:16- Rev 22:16-6-19 ( click [In Context|)

Plus John 5-26-30 Commentary Note.htm, and Images.htm.


Read and Make Your Own Conclusion

 Open  FREE as GOD.


Best non-Trinitarian Oneness Bibles.


Compare /Heb10-1-262001Trans.htm you can open page and on the word LINK WORD commentary



Compare Open Bodmer-II-P66.htm-And Sahidic-Coptic.htm


See Also-- Godgod-- is a very relative term. Open - Godgod.htm -



Vine’s On-agodPLUS.htm









Who Is Colwell and What was His Rule

Open http://www.apostolic.net/biblicalstudies/colwell.htm


Best Bibles Coming In The FUTURE.htm-



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Jesus Page.htm more in J.htm  Also there is Jesus Main Message--Plus-Dust To Dust1 caused by The First Implied Lie          

The First Implied Lie is as follows--

The R65 Serpent (Rev 12:9) said to the woman, "You surely will not die! Gen 3:4 Red Hot Lie.

Satan Implied that His LORD God Had Lied to Eve-then Eve applied the lie to Adam.

Then Satan said in verse- 5- 3:5 Full Write up With References R/in http://simplebibletruths.net/Imply.htm


If You Believe a Lie You will Positively Die—as did Adam and Eve—Gen 3-3-4;19

 How many Theocratical Lies DOES one have to believe to lose out on everlasting life?Add Your Comment.



Fact Or Fiction Example.htm                                       



The Expression that God acts in mysterious ways is the biggest Lie Since Satan Told Eve the First Implied Lie How So?

Open God Is Not A Mytery WHY.htm

Eph 1:9  He made known to us the mystery of His will, according to His kind intention which He purposed in Him




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