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Pentecostalism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Oneness organization,
United Pentecostal Church would not join because of
their doctrinal stance and their interracial policy throughout its history. ...
en.wikipedia.org - Jun 29, 2007


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Oral Roberts University - Library
The first Pentecostal churches in the world were produced by the holiness ....
Seymour was "the most influential black leader in American religious history. ...

United Pentecostal Church History
A place to find information on the history of the Pentecostal and Apostolic movements.

A brief history of what led to the pentecostal movement at
azusa mission. ...
language that became the common marks of Holiness and Pentecostal churches, ...

Religious Movements Homepage: United Pentecostal Church International
History: The United Pentecostal Church International broke from other Pentecostal
churches because of its beliefs in Oneness. The UPCI was formed from a ...

Religious Movements Homepage: Pentecostalism
The Fall, 1999 issue is devoted to the history of Pentecostal faith. ...
An informative essay by Gary B. McGee, professor of church history at the ...

Pentecostal History
History of the Pentecostal movement. ... No doubt Satan tried to mess with the
pentecostal movement as he does with all churches, but the testimony of the ...

PPentecostalism and the Christian Right in America: Politics ...
Pentecostal Church is a conservative Protestant Christian denomination which has
... What are some of the most important events in Christian history? ...
atheism.about.com - Jun 30, 2007

Heading of a
United Pentecostal Church International web site. ... the second
coming of Jesus and the end of history as they knew it during the year 1900. ...

Can the United Pentecostal Church Survive the Onslaught of History?
United Pentecostal Church is being attacked by history. We are being assailed
and pressed by history. History says that we, as a church, must compromise ...


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