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Haughtiness gets in the way of common sense. While someone may say to someone seeking the truth of Godís Word that "God is not a Trinity", the person hearing this who may have pride in thinking they know the scriptures "because thatís what my priest/pastor/reverend taught me and he is a good honest man and therefore I am correct in what I believe". So this person stops thinking and haughtiness takes over. Rather than examine the scriptures and see life saving information, they proudly ignore Gods loving correction. God commands us to apply all we hear to His word to ensure what we hear is in harmony with His word. This is not optional. Of course, those who refuse to check Gods word have a free will, and their action is totally their choice, but how sad to miss out on such information. We are warned in the last days people would be puffed up with pride.


Once people think they have things right in their heads, they are difficult to convince otherwise. However being humble before God and accepting that we need to apply all we hear against the scriptures to check it is true-- is the best option. This avoids brainwashing. However

we also need to make sure we have understood errors in Bible Translations so we actually know the Bible accurately.


Itís important to understand the surrounding information
about a situation so concepts are easy to grasp. An example is-- understanding WHY Jesus is the Son of God, not God the Son in Trinitarian view - we can show this through solid understanding of the scriptures which destroys

bad concepts with accurate knowledge.


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It is believed that false accusations has caused the General Public to have a bad State Of Mind.htm or-MInd-Set.htm

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