ArianismDifferentThanWatchtowerTheology10122013.htm A Question Ask:

What is the biggest difference between Arianism and Watchtower Theology?

So far the other answers are somewhat informative but don’t address the biggest 

difference Between  Arianism and Watchtower Theology?


Answer: The biggest difference is Arianism lays in what Wikipedias say. LINKS Below

 Wikipedias says--

Open .[12] Likewise, the Father, working through the Son, created the Holy Spirit, who

was Subservient to the Son as the Son was to the Father. The Father was seen as

"the only true God". LINKS Below Working through the Son Created the Holy Spirit.

Is that right?—This appears to be saying the Holy Spirit who was subservient.

This makes Holy a separate being or person that exist separately from God.

Working through the Son? Created the Holy Spirit

There no such words in the scriptures that state this.  

God is a Spirit and His Holy Spirit was Him before Jesus and God created Jesus.

So what really is the Holy Spirit?

JWs Don’t Believe God’s Holy Spirit is a separate person.

But his active force that was always with him from before Jesus’ Creation.

Active force—Means God is doing something that can not seen but many times

We do get to see the results of it. Jesus is taught by His God Jehovah or Yahweh and Jesus

get things done.God communication with Jesus or anyone is the Holy Spirit act work.

This is a logic explanation Compare to the Mysterious Incomprehensible Trinity—

Homoousion Theology

The word that made Jesus God-Open Homoousion.htm


International Standard Version and other Bibles About the Spirit of God was hovering over

 the surface of the waters.When the earth was as yet unformed and desolate, with the surface

 of the ocean depths shrouded in darkness,About the Spirit of God was hovering over the

surface of the waters, They R/In

Parallel Verses Plus Gen 1-2  1 In the beginning, The God created the skies and the lands.

2 However, the lands were unsightly and unfinished, darkness covered their depths,

and God's Breath moved over their waters.

BEST LINK Open Breath referring to God's Holy Spirit

It also includes the Sons of God


Latter the Hebrew and Greek Scripture tell us. Jesus is the master craftsman or work

 Prov 8-22-31 Jn 1,2 and 3, Col 1:15 to 17,Rev 3-12 to14.

Jesus constructed all others things that exist, by him and for him. For God needed nothing.

But is only begottenSon Jesus WOULD needs THINGS to do and He went to work doing

 satisfying work and He liked it. Now TODAY Jesus

Is still Doing work and he likes doing. He has Free-Will to do so just as Satan has Free-Will.

 But Jesus  likes doing His Father and God’s Will

Without Says to his Father I THING I can do things better my own way.


According to a belief related to ArianismAnomoianism, the Spirit was subjugated to the Father and the Son.

As time went on, arguing for the divinity of the Spirit became increasingly more important to the Cappadocians.'s_Witnesses

Jehovah's Witnesses are often referred to as "modern-day Arians" or they are sometimes referred

to as "Semi-Arians",[50][51] usually by their opponents.[52][53][54] While there are

some significant similarities in theology and doctrine, the Witnesses differ

from Arians by saying that the Son can fully know the Father

(something which Arius himself denied), and by their denial of personality

to the Holy Spirit. The original Arians also generally prayed directly to Jesus,

where as the Witnesses pray to God, through Jesus as a mediator.[55]

What is the biggest difference between Arianism and Watchtower Theology?

All I Could find Best is in wikipedia read in No.[12] Likewise, the Father, working

through the Son,Created the Holy Spirit, who was subservient to the Son as the Son

was to the Father.Subservient Meaning

Definition of subservient (adj) Bing Dictionary sub·ser·vi·ent səb súrvee ənt ]   

too eager to obey: too submissive or eager to follow the wishes or orders of others

of lesser importance: in a position of secondary importance

instrumental in something: helping to achieve something or bring something about

Synonyms: submissive, obedient, compliant, acquiescent, docile, deferential, 


, servile


The Father was seen as "the only true God".

Jesus was subservient the Father. The Father was seen as

"the only true God". First Corinthians 8:5-8:6 was cited as proof text


This is all I could find as the differences.

Please Elaborate on this if YOU can.

It doesn’t make SINCE To me that all the above I wrote

Can be the only differences.

Sincerely from Lorenzo to all that participate in sharing what they thing is best for all

Of us to learn from each other.


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