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(3) Nazarene 2000- 2000+- Open /46/015.php and nazarene-friends.org/about / contact shawn.miller@underfootinc.com

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(5)  ViewProduct Not Online Capel,V. 21st CENTURY NEW TESTAMENT The Literal/Free Dual Translation

 goldenagebooks.co.uk/ViewProduct.asp?productID=28 1998, insight Press, Bristol, England-(Open)-click here.

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Jehovah's Witnesses are an international Christian denomination whose members

believe that their faith is the restoration of first-century Christianity. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jehovah%27s_Witnesses

Restorationism refers to unaffiliated religious movements that attempted to transcend Protestant denominationalism and orthodox Christian creeds to restore Christianity to its original form.

Acts - 15:14

"Simeon has related how God first concerned Himself about taking from among the Gentiles a people for His name.-

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The People's New Testament (1891)The People's New Testament 
By Barton 
Warren Johnson (1891): web version of a wonderful, very old-fashioned Bible commentary and exposition

A Non-Ecclesiastical New Testament Open http://members.aol.com/egweimi/order.htm

with http://members.aol.com/egweimi/intro.htm Open  Improved Version New Testament


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1865 Diaglot NT      Free Downloads For   Diaglot

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 (1) In a beginning was the Word, and the Word was with the God, and a god was the Word.

Diaglot NT      Free Downloads For   Diaglot

Darby's Young’s and Others --                C/H -open--- http://www.onlinebible.net/bibles2.html

Not online

(2) Harwood, 1768, "and was himself a divine person" 
(3) Newcome's version (1796), and the Word was God. In 1808 Thomas Belsham and a Unitarian committee revised Newcome's translation after his death in 1800. Belsham's Revised NT was published in London in 1808 and in Boston in 1809 to read "the Word was a god."

R/in Reference in Open Belsham's Unitarian New Testament (1808) - Bible Research www.bible-researcher.com

And http://www.google.com/search?client=safari&rls=en&q=Newcome,+it+should+be+as+1796,+%22and+the+Word+was+God.%22&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8

(4) Thompson, 1829, "the Logos was a god 
(5) Goodspeed, 1939, "the Word was divine 
(6) Torrey, 1947, "the Word was god 
New English, 1961, "what God was,the Word was" 
(8) Moffatt, 1972, "the Logos was divine 
(9) Reijnier Rooleeuw, 1694, "and the Word was a god" 
(10) Simple 
English Bible, "and the Message was Deity" 
(11) Hermann Heinfetter, 1863, [A]s a god the Command was" 
(12) Abner Kneeland, 1822, "The Word was a God" 
(13) Robert Young, 1885, (Concise Commentary) "[A]nd a God (i.e. a Divine Being) was the Word" 
(14) Leicester Ambrose, 1879, "And the logos was a god" 
(15) Charles A.L. Totten, 1900, "the Word was Deistic [=The Word was Godly] 
(16) J.N. Jannaris, 1901, [A]nd was a god" 
(17) George William Horner, 1911, [A]nd (a) God was the word" 
(18) Ernest Findlay Scott, 1932, "[A]nd the Word was of divine nature" 
(19) ames L. Tomanec, 1958, [T]he Word was a God" 
(20) Philip Harner, 1974, "The Word had the same nature as God" 
(21) Maximilian Zerwich S.J./Mary Grosvenor, 1974, "The Word was divine" 
(22) Siegfried Schulz, 1975, "And a god (or, of a divine kind) was the Word" 
(23) Translator's NT, 1973, "The Word was with God and shared his nature 
(24) Barclay, 1976, "the nature of the Word was the same as the nature of God" 
(25) Schneider, 1978, "and godlike sort was the Logos 
(26) Schonfield, 1985, "the Word was divine 
(27) Revised English, 1989, "what God was, the Word was 
(28) Cotton Parch Version, 1970, and the Idea and God were One 
(29) Scholar's Version, 1993, "The Divine word and wisdom was there with God, and it was what God was 
(30) Madsen, 1994, "the Word was <EM>a divine Being" 
(31) Becker, 1979, "ein Gott war das Logos" [a God/god was the Logos/logos] 
(32) Stage, 1907, "Das Wort war selbst gttlichen Wesens" [The Word/word was itself a divine Being/being]. 
(33) Bhmer, 1910, "Es war fest mit Gott verbunden, ja selbst gttlichen Wesens" [It was strongly linked to God, yes itself divine Being/being] 
(34) Thimme, 1919, "Gott von Art war das Wort" [God of Kind/kind was the Word/word] 
(35) Baumgarten et al, 1920, "Gott (von Art) war der Logos" [God (of Kind/kind) was the Logos/logos] 
(36) Holzmann, 1926, "ein Gott war der Gedanke" [a God/god was the Thought/thought] 
(37) Rittenlmeyer, 1938, "selbst ein Gott war das Wort" [itself a God/god was the Word/word] 
(38) Lyder Brun (Norw. professor of NT theology), 1945, "Ordet var av guddomsart" [the Word was of divine kind] 
(39) Pfaefflin, 1949, "war von gttlicher Wucht [was of divine Kind/kind] 
(40) Albrecht, 1957, "gttlichen Wesen hatte das Wort" [godlike Being/being had the Word/word] 
(41) Smit, 1960, "verdensordet var et guddommelig vesen" [the word of the world was a divine being] 
(42) Menge, 1961, "Gott (= gttlichen Wesens) war das Wort"[God(=godlike Being/being) was the Word/word) 
(43) Haenchen, 1980, "Gott (von Art) war der Logos" [God (of Kind/kind) was the Logos/logos] 
(44) Die Bibel in heutigem Deutsch, 1982, "r war bei Gott und in allem Gott gleich"[He was with God and in all like God] 
(45) Haenchen (tr. By R. Funk), 1984, "divine (of the category divinity)was the Logos" 
(46) Schultz, 1987, "ein Gott (oder: Gott von Art) war das Wort" [a God/god (or: God/god of Kind/kind) was the Word/word]. 
(47) William Temple, Archbishop of York, 1933, "And the Word was divine." 
(48) John Crellius, Latin form of German, 1631, "The Word of Speech was a God" 
(49) Greek Orthodox /Arabic translation, 1983, "the word was with Allah[God] and the word was a god" 
(50) Ervin Edward Stringfellow (Prof. of NT Language and Literature/Drake University, 1943, "And the Word was Divine" 
(51) Robert Harvey, D.D., 1931 "and the Logos was divine (a divine being)----

Online (52)  C/H- Emphatic Diaglott

In a beginning was the Word, and the Word was with the God, and a god was the Word

(Interlineary Word for Word English Translation-Emphatic Diaglott)

The Above Bibles 1-51 and 52 make no mystery out of Theology.htm


The Trinitarian/Oneness Movement Tells People That God Is Mysterious and Incomprehensible

The Following Verses weren’t written for nothing.

Open MysteryVersesPlusMore.htm

The Trinitarian/Oneness Movement would like you to believe that these verses do not exist.

God Reveals Mysteries He doesn’t cause them --the Nicene Creeds caused that.

Who Do Bible Publishers Serve?

 Who is their accounting to?

Who Certifies and endorses their work? 

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Bible Studies With WHO ? Study With Whoever Is Willing to teach you—Just get started and compare many different

Sources—and Doctrines---And Ask Yourself—Is The Bible Vocabulary

 The Only True Source to Getting God’s Thoughts?

(YHWH God’s Own Inspired Words )YHWH Means C/H-- TETRAGRAMMATON.htm

If You are Satisfied that God Needs Man to Explain

Who He Is and Who His Son Jesus is With Words that have Originated by Man,--

And are Not Biblical Words—then---

You Will Be Satisfied with the Churches that Teach the Man Made Doctrines Called the Trinity/and or Oneness.

(The Full Story is in the --open CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Homoousion ) vs http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unitarianism


If that Doesn’t Satisfy You –you can seek out the Churches that do not Teach the Trinity/and or Oneness—There are a Lot Fewer of them.

They are Commonly Called Unitarian or Non-Trinity Churches.

You Can Go to the Phone Book—Look Under Churches ---

Call and Ask for a Free Bible Study.

Instead of calling every Church in the Phone Book and asking them to identity whether they are a Trinity (Trinitarian) Church or a Unitarian or Non-Trinity Church Use the Internet Search Engine.


The Library Found these Churches under the  definition of Nontrinitarianism  Churches. See Also http://www.wordiq.com/definition/Christology

 For the Full Disclosure See http://www.wordiq.com/definition/Nontrinitarianism 

In The Wordiq/glossary-http://www.wordiq.com/glossary/a.html

. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nontrinitarianism

Here are Some Unitarian or Non-Trinity Church

Click on each one—Below --To Learn what Wordiq.com has to disclose about them.


These include The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the Jehovah's Witnesses, the Christadelphians, Christian Science, the Unification Church, UnitarianUniversalists, Branhamists, Frankists, and Oneness Pentecostals, among others. These groups differ from one another in their view of God, but all alike reject the doctrine of the Trinity.

Even proponents of the doctrine acknowledge that scriptural support for the teaching is tenuous. For example, the New Catholic Encyclopedia says, "The doctrine of the Holy Trinity is not taught in the Old Testament" and The Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia (http://www.columbia.edu/cu/cup/cee/cee.html ) adds, "The doctrine is not explicitly taught in the New Testament." http://www.answers.com/topic/trinity-1

Historical background http://www.wordiq.com/definition/An_Historical_Account_of_Two_Notable_Corruptions_of_Scripture

Why did Newton not publish these findings during his lifetime? A glance at the background of the times may explain this. Those who wrote against the doctrine of theTrinity

 were still subject to persecution in England. As late as 1698 the Act for the Suppression of Blasphemy and Profaneness made it an offense to deny one of the persons of the Trinity to be God, punishable with loss of office, employment and profit on the first occasion, and imprisonment for a repetition. Newton's friend WilliamWhiston (translator of the works of Josephus) lost his professorship at Cambridge for this reason in 1711. In 1693 a pamphlet attacking the Trinity was burned by order of the House of Lords, and the next year its printer and author were prosecuted. In 1697 Thomas Aikenhead, an eighteen-year-old student charged with denying the Trinity, was hanged at Edinburgh, Scotland.

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Nontrinitarian groups

* Independent affiliate of the Unitarian Universalist Association

Notable nontrinitarian people

External links

  • Christology (http://www.thechristadelphians.org/forums/index.php?showforum=16) - series of articles and essays on a Christadelphian discussion forum.
  • Critique of The Two Babylons (http://www.thechristadelphians.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=1006) - written from a nontrinitarian perspective


de:Antitrinitarier                                                                  http://www.wordiq.com/glossary/a.html





The Library Advocates that each person Thoroughly examine their Churches

Statement of Faith or Beliefs and agree with it before becoming a member


See C/h StateMENTsAboutManyChurchesBeliefsupdated.htm



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