Baptism History--Most Proclaimed Christians Donít know the true History of Baptism.

Most Proclaimed Christians Donít know how The Apostles were baptized.

Main Goal--Jesus said go and make disciplesóThe real question today is who is doing it right scripturally.

People Need to know first of all (originally) that there were no formulated words quoted

while someone was getting DIPPED in water (the whole body) under water and

then lifted up to stand up and then walk out of the water baptized.

It was actually a simple process that Christendom has distorted by the way they do it today by

Baptizing someone into an Imaginary-Concept of Godís head ĖThat Invalidates Gods Words.

See Matt-28-19-plus-more.htmGo ye and make disciples of all the nations in my name Jesus, or The Father, Son and Holy Spirit BaptismJesusNameOnlyWhy.htm