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GODorgod.  θεόςfiguratively, a magistrate; by Hebraism, very
Derivation: of uncertain affinity; a deity, especially (with 
G3588) the supreme Divinity;
KJV Usage: X
exceeding, God, GOD  or god (-ly, -ward). G3588 

Godhead is unoriginal Open


The SAD TRUTH is since the death of the Apostles several words in the original hand written manuscripts have been changed—Note changes R/in IFCS--AllCaps

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( 5) Not Online Capel,V. 21st CENTURY NEW TESTAMENT The Literal/Free Dual Translation  1998, Insight Press, Bristol, England (Open) click here.

Most New Bible are 95% The Same But 5% makes a big difference in Biblical Theology more in BiblePublishingDiscussionsPlus      

Why do People Continue to Produce New Bible Translations? - Cached
He added 50 more special “Bible words” plus another 100 to produce his translation. Gleason Ledyard and his wife, while doing missionary work among the ...
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What Real True Christian Wants the Bibles They Read To Use--- Second Meaning Unoriginal Words-R/in IFCS- Ask Your Self -Must Bible Publishers Stick To Original manuscript Word Meanings –And Make The Second +(Word) Meanings a Foot-Note.> Open

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(6) KJV.htm 1611 Many Errors. Newer and Better KJV’s are Here

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       There are two Types of Christian Bibles, and most Church goers are totally unaware that


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Most Bible Readers do not know that a Version is not totally a Translation-- it someone’s Version of their beliefs.

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The Best Bibles Give YOU a Better Chance at Gaining Salvation. The last days have drawn near and God is setting things straight in Bibles Translations

If you believe something that is printed wrong YOU are being mislead and will not gain Salvation 1-Peter-3-15.htm

Most Bible Readers do not know that a Version is not totally a Translation-- it someone’s Version of their beliefs

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