BibleWordsCanTheyBeChanged. NO. The true facts are many words in some verses have

been changed to support the Trinity Doctrine and Other Mysterious Doctrines.

Yes. The Trinity Doctrine is a Myth. Every Since the Year 325 A.D. Study

The Nicene Creeds and N08-N-C-O-W2 They Declared Jesus God with

THE Unbiblical Word  Homoousion. Trinitarian Bible Publishers have been slowly

Changing words in some verses to support the Trinity Doctrine.

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Myths do not belong in Genuine Christianity Open MythsAndMythology.htm

We must Worship in Spirit and Truth. Holy Verses That Come From Godís Bible Penman

only do not make up theTrinity Doctrine Proclaimed to be Holy Truthó

That is a Lie and God has reserved Liars To the lake of fireóGet this facts.

If YOU believe a LIE and then teach that LIE to Others that Make YOU a LIAR 

Rev-21-8-Plus-ManyCommentaries.   Rev-22-16-21.htm





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