Updated 7-22-2018 Facts That Matters: Most Popular Study John 1:1--What Bibles get it right— In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. Or  a god –a God –Godlike-Divine or something else Explained in  (1) GODorgod. -and--John 1:1 70-John-1-1-Truths.

Then (2) The BIG RED FLAG on Matt 28:19. See words added (2) Open Matt-28-19-S  and get the shocking details

(3)  Open Godhead  (4) Open JohnWycliff Changed Divine Nature To Godhead.1395 A.D. or C.E.   

(5)  Open JOHN-3-16  Begotten Is No Longer In Many New Bibles

God’s only begotten Son or one and only Son .God has many Sons—

Facts that matters about JOHN-3-16

Open OnlybegottenPlusSONSOFGODNWT.  

Open GodsonlybegottenSonBegottenisout.htm

Open http://www.biblicaltrinitarian.com/2016/09/ehrman-unitarians-and-john-118.html


(6)  Open 1Tim-3-16-Plus. Which includes and 1 JOHN 5:7b-8a   and Prov 8:22


(7)  Open Heb1-3   Substance  for Image 


(8)  Open Rev-3-14-Ruler Instead Of Beginning.


Worship-(9) Open WorshipAccordingToJesus Plus verses and Homage  homage, obeisance,  prostrate or bow down.

(10)  And See What Bibles render the right word for worship in each verse, .Greek to English Open PROSKUNEOTest.htm


Substituting one word for another constitutes changing it is the same thing

Hell is not an original word in the hand written scrolls and rolls of the Holy Scriptures \

(10)  R/in Open HELL-Details-Facts-82012.htm

(11)  Cross is not an original word in the hand written scrolls and rolls of the Holy Scriptures Open http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stauros

(11) Compare Open Cross or Pole?

The Greek word stauros simply means pole. So, regardless of popular tradition and doctrine, there is no mention of a pole with a cross piece (cross) in the original Bible text. Also, we have translated the Greek word staurotheto (which other Bibles render as crucified) as impaled (put on a pole or stake) here, because that’s what it actually means.

Then, are we saying that Jesus didn’t die on a cross? Not necessarily, for there is quite a bit of historical evidence to indicate that he did (see the link,

OpenInstrument of Jesus’ crucifixion). Yet, whether the Romans used an upright pole or one with a cross beam as a means of torture and execution is really unimportant. For it’s only when people view such objects as something to which they would pray (and many do) that the act is condemned in the Bible as being idolatry. Rather, what should be held as sacred to Christians is the person who gave his life on our behalf, not the disgusting object of his execution.

Hebrew Verses and Crucifixion  Deut 21:22  21:23  Joshua 8:29  10:26- 10:27- 

(12)  Open 1Tim-1-17plus.htm

(13)  Open 1-Tim-3-16-1-Jn-5-6-9-2Thess-2-8-11-Parallel-lBibles.htm 

The Nicene Creeds say Jesus was not begotten so they removed the words only begotten

(14)  Open N-C-O-W2.htm Has in it When Did Christendom-Started Worshiping-The Trinity-Plus more

and Open NiceneCouncilOriginalWrittingsWhatDidTheySay.htm

(15)  R/in The-Three Worst Mistakes in all Bibles Are.

 More details about John 1:1. Well Trinitarians have did their Best to keep Bible Readers from Reading 70 plus Bibles Down through History

That has translated that verse different from supporting the imaginary concept of the Devine Nature of God

References in John-1-1-Updates.htm  More About John 1:1

Open John-1-1-Truths.htm

God or god When is it proper to print a Capital G or a small g

Open GODorgod.htm  and Open a-Verses  When is it proper to put an a in front of a word


(15)  Open John-1-1-18.htm  

(16)   Church Or Congregation.htm

Matt-28-19-plus-more.htm  Go ye and make disciples of all the nations in my name Jesus, or The Father, Son and Holy Spirit

 Updated 7-22-2018-Bible Words Changed-The Bible Contradicts itselfWhen? The Answer Is When Bible Words Get Changed by Christendom’s

Bible Publishers That Believe In The Mysterious Homoousion Theology Lies. More Details R/in [1d.] Rom-3-4-God-Forbid-C-Notes.htm

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                                                                Best Bible Dictionaries Encyclopedias-PLUS. Plus is the best Historical Facts 

                                                          Learn the Best Though the Best Bible Dictionaries-PLUS. 

Bible Words Changed--There are several words in Most Bibles that have been changed down through the years from 325 Onward to Support Mysterious Beliefs.

Changing the original Interpretation  of GOD or god Word with imaginary Doctrinces--DB  fits what’s R/in Rev-22-16-21.htm  

Open Links and you can get the detailed historical facts.


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Should the Trinity be renamed to The Trindirty YES

It fits, it is a dirty lie. No man can see God or any spirit being and the Nicene Creeds

Tell people that they know what kind or substance God is made of ---like they created God--- they say God and Jesus are of the same substance

Men can not create any kind of life ---The Trinity should be listed a foot-nnote and only a possibility. It is truly a mental imaginary concept

Of God. No Bible penman ever wrote anything or a two or three in one God. That is truly a Myth and Myths don’t belong in Genuine Christianity.





References in Open http://simplebibletruths.net/MythsAndMythology.htm 


Open http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Textual_variants_in_the_New_Testament


The King James Version Authorized by King James And not the 54 Bible Scholars that worked on it.

King James wouldn’t allow the Scholars to add accurate foot-notes explaining what certain verses really

Because it took away His right to rule over the Church References R/in Footer Jpg which is Foot-Notes.


This article is about the theological concept. Open http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sola_scriptura

References come from http://simplebibletruths.net / and many other sources you can open

all Links Plus to many other Bible Libraries

Biblical Encyclopedias and other reliable sources




 There are several words in Most Bibles that have been changed down through the years from 325 onwards to support the Mysterious Trinity

 Doctrine--N-C-O-W2 and Other Doctrinces--DB  The Penalty for Changing God Word  R/in Rev-22-16-21.htm  The+Penalty.

 97.htm. Changing the original Interpretation  of GODorgod

Word with imaginary Doctrinces--DB  fits what’s R/in Rev-22-16-21.htm  



Simple or Incomprehensible

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