Bibles Two Types. What Bibles do YOU put YOUR Faith In. Trinitarian

                                                   or Non-Trinitarian Printed Bibles 3 Kinds Of Christ God Theologies.

                                                                              Compare main verses--Jn17-1-3 and JOHN-3-16.htm

                       There are two MAIN types of Christian Theology R/in Homoousion -Theology T/O 

                                            or Non T/O-- Non-Trinity--Based Bibles  Fact.htm

Always Keep In Mind That Most all—if not all- Proclaimed Christian Groups and individuals

Base their Statement of Faith(s) and/or Beliefs *from* the Bibles Translations They Rely Upon *for * Truth--.There are

                                  The Two Types of Christian Bibles –They are

               Trinitarian/Oneness Bias Translated Bibles,--and Non Trinitarian/Oneness Translated Bibles.

                                                             Two Types of Bibles

It is Extremely Important That You Know The Two Types of Bibles and Choose One!! Why? Jn 17-3

(ISV)  And this is eternal life: to know you, the only true God, and the one whom you sent-Jesus Christ.

Words Not Translated Right Open Bible Words Changed That is SBT’s Main Message.


More in Best None Trinity Based Bibles  Foot-Notes 

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Which One Do YOU Believe Biblically? Details R/in Open [3KCGT]  

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