SBT Is A Free Open Biblical Library 

That Makes A Big Difference.

Why? Here Is The Answer

Read This Definition Of Biblical Theology 

Most Bible Websites Are Trinity Bias.

And Bias 41000Plus-ChristianChurches Of Christendom 

And Thier Bias Websites Only Print And Teach

You What They Want You To Know.

Here What They Teach.

Main Stream Christians Beliefs And Main Doctrine


Main Stream Christians Beliefs Their Main Doctrines

Compare Bing

main stream christians beliefs their main doctrines.

[See Intentional Fallacy]

This Is Better


Truth Is



MainStream Christians Doctrine That Jesus Is God Is A Lie

Now Get That Facts That Matter

Open What SBT Believes.htm

SBT Says Here Are

The Good Facts That Matter About The Bible

Bible Libraries Do Not Do That. Only Print And 

Teach You What They Want You To Know.

They Donít Do

[See Intentional Fallacies]


SBT Has The Facts That Matter Most About The Bible 

[Read-Jn4-24] and [T]. But The World Is Skeptical

About Who Really Is Telling It Right. The Whole 

Truth, And Nothing But Them Truth, So Help Us God. 

As For You And All, We Must Every Thing That Those

Who Claim To Be Teaching The Truth.

Remember This:  Believe But Verify.

So We Must Do As The Bereans Did Acts-17-11

And Truth2001Translation. 


Jhon 18M-35 To 37.





Is Stuck In Open Traditions

Whose Fault Is It When All Christians 

Don't Believe The Same Befiefs.

Foot-Notes Open FooterJpg1 And GODorgod.

Here Is A Good

 Find/Shepherd/Statement of Faith

A Few Other Things Before Christmas

Open Simple Bible Truths.neIs Free  

To See What Was Removed From Above 

Before The Christmas Special

Accurate History Articles For You. 

Updates On Christendom 


Have Some Fun With These Christmas 

Questions 14 See 14 Below Open 14  

What Do You Know About When People

Started Celebrating Christmas

A Lot Of People Are Now Days Talking

About These Questions So Say What You Think.

14 Open Christmas Questions, Answer Yes Or No,

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Christmas Special: Hear The 

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