Catholics First Read Christianity in the 2nd century - Wikipedia

Then The Pope is not of the Holy Writings, the Catholics made it up. Read History in Pope - Wikipedia

 The Word Catholic Is Not In The Holy Scriptures,  

The Holy Bible. Put That Into Any Search Engine.

History of the many Churches before the Roman Catholic Church Claimed right of 

"apostolic succession",

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The Catholic Church was set up My Man and Not My God, so it can not be trusted to teach you

the full truth that comes from God. In 106 A.D. The Christian Congregation became 

The Catholic Church  Not Long After The Apostles had all died off.

New Name was established with out

No Divine Scripture to back it up. Read 106AD.htm

Compare Read The Catholic Encyclopedia


Read all of it and all scroll down and concentrate or The Church After The Ascension.

If Christ Jesus did not establish the Catholic Church, who did, 

Read all of Did Christ Establish the Catholic Church?

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