Christianity Simplified--Imitate what the apostles and other BIBLE Penman (Godís Penmans Writings) did, politically, and in all matters

Open Imitate and open ImitateRule--John8-31-2.htm

All Church STATEMENTs --Beliefs all are not bad. But any doctrine that involves the invisible Spirit Beings

in heaven must be listed as only a possibility and Bible Commentary listed at the bottom as Foot-Notes.


Learn the Scriptures well---and inquire Open  Whoís Worthy Matt 10:11) of receiving help.

Help Your Congregational Elders Share inThe HARVESTwork of Godís Inspired Biblical Theology-

And always Stick to the open Imitate Rule.

Verses Instructing us to Stick to imitating Jesus and His Apostles Teachings

Included Rom 15:4


Examine all Church Beliefs and Doctrines

with these Few Verses

Open The Imitate Rule

and Biblical Logistics Ė

What Do You Believe?-

Compare All Faiths Chart.




-   all Many Churches


Jesus Main Message.htm







and C 


If the Apostles didnít do itó

It is Not Biblical and It is Not True Christian Doctrine

Itís That Simple.


The ImitateRule.htm

FOR Details Open First-century


and PatriotismPlus.htm Nationalism



Compare All Trinitarian/Oneness BestBiblesPlus.htmówith BestnonTrinitarianOnenessBibles.htm

For More Help Check Out --The Expository Library index.htm


Godís Will 1Cor 11:1

Can True Christians Worship God in Their Own Way--

Not according to Jn 4:24--1 Jn 2:17 Matt 7:21-2 Tim 3:17- 3:16 Ė

Rev - 22:16-6-19 click [In Context|-Rev22-16-21.htm---

The Greek Scriptures say Christians are to Imitate.htm

Jesus and His Apostles Teachings-- and that alone is the final words of

the Completed Bible. Rom 15:4 included.





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 ∑ Jamieson, Fausset, Brown
 ∑ Matthew Henry Complete
 ∑ Matthew Henry Concise
 ∑ People's New Testament
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