ChristmasChristAndMass.html Christmas And God’s Inspired Word. Do YOU Live By It Or Live

By Man Made Traditional Doctrines And Celebrations. Where In The Holy Scriptures Is

Christmas. No Where.YOU Won’t Find That God Inspired The Word Christmas. He Never

Added The Mass To Christ’s Name. The Catholics Did That Open Christmas and Mass.  

Facts That Matters Study About Add-OnsDoc and  Rev22-16-21. (22:18)-SalvationDependsOnIt.

None Of The First Century Followers of Christ 76.htm Celebrated

Christmas. Why Not? Because they Lived Strictly My God’s Inspired Words Only

And Didn’t Make Up New Traditions. Truth About Traditions a Free-Will Plus

 FreeWillPlus. True Christians Don’t Adulterate and Contaminate God’s Word 

Rev22-16-21. (22:18)


Christ’s Mass. Mass Means: The word “Christmas” comes from the “Christ mass” or

“Mass of Christ”. Themas” part of “Christmas” is the same as the word Catholics still

use for a church service - a mass. It comes from the time when every saint had their own

saint’s day on which a mass or communion service was said in their memory.

A list of Christian Holy Days (Holidays) and Holy Doctrines

Christmas Christ And Mass Historical facts Christ’s Mass


Christmas Pollutes (Corrupts) God’s Inspired Word

ChristmssSunWorshipRenamed.htm And Other unsanctified Holy Days

What does the Bible say about Christmas?



Is Christmas unbiblical;_ =aaplw


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