Churches--There are Multiples of Them and God Only Established One Eph 3 click for 4 >>.

Churches-- List Starts Here Open  41,000-Plus Christian Churches Independently Operating.htm --wiki/ note-2 Ė

                                                      This is the work of SatanísMinisters                                                                        

                                 Doctrines From Demons-1-Tim4-1-Plus 

                                                         Satan Has Conquered The Churches Of Christendom How So 

                                                        One Christian Congregation in Antioch 106A.D.Ignatius Of Antioch.

                     Then The Roman Catholic Church with out Godís Scripture Approval Changed The Christian Congregation to

                                                                   The Roman Catholic Church--Details R/in Open 106AD


One of SBTs Purpose is root out the original truth.  How Is This Done Open SbtsCommentaryNote.htm Open HARVESTwork.htm


                         SBTs Goal is to restore what the Bible Penman originally wrote (Open) Godís Penmans Writings.htm

                                                  One means one not many!! << Eph 3 click for 4 >>

SBTs Purpose Is to Root out the weeds thatís been Sown into the churches.

Only a good Biblical Library can do this because most Churches are to busy doing their own thing and getting rich, details in Open Matt-10-8 and MattC10-8.

One true faith and to make these verses ring true for the true hope that we are looking for << Eph 3 click for 4 >>

2 In all humility of mind and quietness and patience, and that you would be patient one toward another in love, 

3 And to be diligent to keep the harmony of The Spirit in the bonds of peace, 

4 And that you would be in one body and One Spirit as when you were called in One hope of your calling.

5 For THE LORD JEHOVAH is One, and the faith is One, and the baptism is one One,

6 And  One is God The Father of all, and over all, and with all and in us all. 

<< Eph.3 >> --The Aramaic Bible in Plain English. 


Ask YOURSELF-The following. How can there so many independently Named Churches teaching different typed of doctrines about what is the one true faith, baptism ect. What do YOU think caused that?

It is up to each individual to search out the things that have been added (Add-ons) to God words since the death of the apostlesó

Send in YOUR list of bad beliefs to the