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The Apostles Have Been Dead For Over 1870 Years and

Most Christian Churches have Let Their Doctrines Become Incorporated


With Gentile Beliefs in God—and into The Truths God Gave to the Isrealites –Then to His Newly Approved Christian Religion--

That Took App-66 years to Complete The Greek Holy Writings After Jesus’ Death.


There are many Books and Writings on this Subject—And You Have Free-Will to

Examine as Many as you Desire---Free-Will is what Sbt-Stresses.

Sbt—Doesn’t Sell God’s Words-Any Links have to Answer

For Themselves-Rom 14-10-12 ,Rom 15 -4-6. Matt 10-8.                                             

Does the Truth Really Matter----Eve believed a Lie and she

For The History of Christianity


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 Guide to Early Church Documents--- 

This is Very Important to Understand in Your Search –

For How Doctrines Developed and Evolved –See- 4. Creeds And Can  Click on cooption of Christianity 3 C

Click Here FOR 3 Constantine's persuasive skills,

Egyptian and Pagan Themes in Christian Tradition

Egyptian Religious Concepts

Click Here;_ylc=X3oDMTB1c21tcDhkBF9TAzk2NjMyOTA3BHNlYwNmZWVkBHNsawNib29rcw --

hthttp://www.mystae.compagan.html/w Here   


More Reference.


For Genesis –With Bible Dictionary Translating Vocabulary.


Here is a Very Enlightening Disclosure on the development of God’s Early Laws

Go to Gen 9-4-5 and Click on blood of life


For Trinity vs Oneness

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See if you can find the Trinity in These Letters ?

Here is Part of Their Conclusion—See if that Matches Your Conclusion

After comparing all Biblical Inspired Vocabulary From SBT1.?


While the use of the word "Trinity" seems to have been first introduced by Tertullian, the basic concepts, and the way in which key Scriptures were interpreted, like Gen. 1:26, were definitely "Trinitarian."


Doctor (The title "doctor of theology".) >> Click Here       ea08b.htm 


Click Here  doctrine


mine early church

Click Here  FOR Question/insight #59: Should it be considered heresy today to reexamine decisions, practices, and traditions that were established by church leaders in the very early centuries -- decisions, practices, and traditions that have disallowed the full participation of women in church?


1.   HLink  Wikipedia: Edict of Milan

Wikipedia Free Encyclopedia's article on 'Edict of Milan' ... The Edict of Milan (313 CE) declared that the Roman Empire would be neutral with ... persecution especially of Christianity. The Edict was issued in the names of the Western ...

Topical index on Constantine

What Christians taught & practiced prior to Constantine    and      


What is Truth----




SBT Believes It Can Get The True Out Of Any Bible—

                      Only because of a Trained Eye

                            on Bible Dictionaries and Encyclopedias





















–SO HELP US ALL Y.eH.oW.aH  in English Jehovah







If You go to a Congregation that Teaches all the Above ---You can feel Safe and not Sorry about that--

Read Heb-1o-23-26.  SBT is only a Reference Library—Not The Salvation Congregation !!!


GWGPC-RULE   God can not Lie  See   JOHN1onePLUS.htm


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