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1dThe Bible Contradicts itselfwhen does that happen? Open 1d 


1 In the beginning God created

Open Gen/1-26---Prov/8-22---John/1-3---Rev/1-1---Rev/19-13.htm


Open-- Each one of the above and below verses and read them and see how they Contradict each other to what John/1-1 commentary  

About  did God created Jesus first or did Jesus create himself.


Compared -Rev/3-14----Col/1-15----Prov/8-22-- Psalms/139-13---John/1-3---Rev/1-1---Rev/19-13

  2 Cor 5:20 2Cor/5-21.htm


For he hath made him to be sin for us, who knew no sin;

that we might be made the righteousness of God in him.


Was Jesus made or

Did Jesus Create Himself?

FirstBorn.htm and 45.htm

                                                                                       The Three Worst Mistakes In All Bibles Are.htm

Theoretical Lies.htm

58.htm Explains

58 Jesus. The Son of God or God theSon.  Issues Are a Created Son Jesus Versus The Uncreated Son Jesus Mixed with Homoousion--Theology More R/in John-1-1-18. 58 Is about The Reason Why Most Churches Teach People That Jesus Is God. (Includes Review and Self Test)  Who’s Testimony is Right About***Jesus***? JesusYours? Or the The Nicene Council Members? 325/381 A/C -SBT-Has The Facts--For You To Feel a Part of What Was Discussed For The Nicene Council Members To Come To Their Conclusion. SBT has started with an unbiased Conclusion Read this Important Introduction. Open 58.htm Explains. God’s Head--T-O’S Are--Trinitarian/Oneness—pro Nicene--Creed- a Mental Imaginary-Concepts of God’s head Compare Chart in 0A1.htm

Foot-Notes -SBT Explains- (Foot-Notes) or Footers That go at the bottom of each page when necessary.

They are very Important (plus-- how the original scribes worked) Because Open Foot-Notes 

plus-- how the original scribes worked---when they omit them bad commentary start


God condemns Add-ons.htm

Linked Scriptural Commentaries

Notes and Scriptural Observations





Open Why do People Continue to Produce New Bible Translations?


Why do we need so many Bibles?

Open BiblesWhySoMany.htm


 The SAD TRUTH is since the death of the Apostles several words in the original hand written manuscripts have been changed

Note changes R/in Open Bible Words Changed


More in Open  the_1st_century#Apostolic_Fathers


Open John-1-1-Difficulties 


For any other questions you want answers for if you can’t find them on the links provided

Write Open






If YOU know of a better Trinitarian Based Commentary Website

Write the




How to made accurate Interpretation

The Bible Will Interprets It Self if YOU Follow suggestions R/in Open Interpretation.htm-Plus

.Here are 3 Verses that CAN help guide a person to understanding how to see if a commentary is accurate.


Compare all Commentaries to these Verses 

(1) Deut 4:2Do not add to what I command you and do not subtract from it, but keep the commands of the LORD your God that I give you.

(2) 1 Cor 4:6 "Do not go beyond what is written."

(3) Rev-22-16-21.htm  Don’t Add or Take Anything Away From GOD’s Word, or GOD’s Will ,or GOD’s Meaning. Meaning No imaginary His

 The penalty is YOUR part from the tree of life. DontMessWithGODsWords.htm


Plus remember YOU can always write the Librarian  for help if YOU don’t understand something in a commentary.

John 1:1 Till Tops All Other Subjects. Open

Then click on 8. 70 non trinitarian translations of John 1:1

.Read Interpretation.htm 

d Imitate.htm


which say we are to Imitate Jesus, the Apostles and God’s Penman;

WHEN You Apply These Verses to any Commentary YOU will stay in harmony with God’s Inspired Word. Use no Myths.htmn


New Watchtower ONLINE LIBRARY Bible--Publications --Daily Text Example Open Search

see App Open 6A. then enter Cross or Whatever WatchTower R/in 33.htm 




.Commentators.htm  Bible Commenter Commentaries--Concordances--Dictionaries From

Apologists Bible Commentary- /

Also for harmony with God’s Inspired Word use R/in Rule.htm &  RulePart2.htm

. SbtsCommentaryNote.htm--English Bible History1d


. Unfortunately Some Words in most Bibles have been changed to fit Homoousion Biblical Theology. 

Or other Mythical Doctrines. R/in  

 Bible Words Changed DOCTRINEBuster1.htm 

Now That We Are In The Communications Age 

We Can ***Examine ***Everything Ourselves 


The Penalty for Changing God Word  R/in Rev-22-16-21.htm  and Bible Words Changed

Open GOD-Supreme.htm and T/O ‘s and read about

Those that mislead people by Printing Thayer’s Dictionary Words

In place of Strong’s Numbers Many Listed in Open Commentaries

The Real Strong’s Numbers 2316- θεός GOD-Supreme.htm

Open T/O ‘s--(2) Thayer’s OT GOD---(3) TDNT-----BBDP





·  ABP_Strongs - Apostolic Bible Polyglot English Text with Strong's numbers

·  ABP_GRK - Apostolic Bible Polyglot Greek Text with Strong's numbers

·  KJV_Strongs - King James Version with Strong's numbers

·  Webster_Strongs - Noah Webster's revision of the KJV with Strong's numbers

·  ASV_Strongs - American Standard Version with Strong's numbers

·  WEB_Strongs - World English Bible with Strong's Numbers


The Real Strong’s Numbers 2316- θεός is in Example Open book  


                          Matthew 4:6 Matthew 4-8 to 11 open
     —Has The King James Bible with The Real Strong's Numbers  << Matthew 4 >>


Mormon Doctrine of Deity:


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