Commentary Note---About what is Valid in Theology And Free-Will with the BottomLine


Always Kept in mind  that because Jesus nor His Apostles or Any of Jehovah’s Inspired Prophets or Scriptural Writers of the Hebrew Scriptures (Rom 15:4 ) ever taught or started the Trinity/Oneness Movement----They ---the Non-Trinitarian/Oneness Bible Publishers and Teachers BestnonTrinitarianOnenessBibles. have a Valid claim that these Creeds Have Not Been Approved (or Sanctioned) by Jehovah God or any of his (holy) agents (representatives) and therefore these Creeds are indeed not Holy but Unholy and represent a False Image of who He is and who His Only-begotten (directly created ) Son is ---See Strong’s - Number:  07069  Open  possessed-- word=Qanah -0511 And Strong's Number:  03205- Open beget, Read  details

in Prov8-22 Plus  AFact in the TrinityReferenceLibrary2. About Theology plus read who is the real AntiChrist ---


So it is indeed beneficial to Read the BestnonTrinitarianOnenessBibles. and their Commentary---You have the Free-Will gift of the Most High God Jehovah to do so---Free as God--In what sense—How--Open FREEasGOD.


The Inspired Bible writers had already declared that what they wrote is adequate for setting things straight - Open 2 Tim 3:17- 3:16 –Rev - 22:16-

6-19 ( click [In Context|) and no Additional Creeds or Formulated Traditions (Make up living Customs) in any way are needed to guide us to salvation.


See TraditionPlusVerses The Bible can Interpret itself if Translated Accurately without being Theology

bias to certain man made Mythical Creeds that parallels to Gentile Philosophical Theology-- GentilePhilosophyPLUS.


Also study  DOCTRINEBuster1. and DifferentChristianChurches.


JesusHasTwoBeginningsBothScriptural. for us to understand ---One as a Spirit Son and of The Second Adam—a Human Being---Both Created by the Same God Jehovah---Jesus became the Sacrificial Lamb as paralleled of Abraham’s first beget Son Heb  11:17.--- FirstBorn.htm

Plus how did sentient Life.come into existence according to The Holy Verses Prov8-22


The Trinity/Oneness Movement does not Hallow God’s name Matthew6-9.& 10 --it just adds another name to Him that they call Jesus/Jehovah –-

No distinction to them—that is why they insist that God’s Personal name is not needed in the Bible Open--Commentary on Bible Prefaces

Is Jesus Real to you ---Do you Deny Jesus Life as you have yourself?


For more facts Open VinesOn-agodPLUS. And WhatIsagod Plus JOHN3-16. and Preface.htm


Most Proclaimed Christian Faiths don’t teach people how to become true Disciples (and open HARVESTwork) of Jesus. In reality what they teach is how to become followers of them—that builds up more people to give money to support what they are teaching .---Jesus came to bear truth about His God (John 18:37) and approximately 292 years after His earthly sacrificial death the Nicene Council declared Jesus to be God because they reasoned that only God could have done the things that Jesus did--- and they couldn’t accept that Jesus is and was God’s agent and that His God created Him---- Rev-3-12-14 -Rev3-14.htm --so now all their commentary (and Bibles) about Jesus is built to match that Commentaries


Many are taught to Worship the False Image declared my using Homoousion --- AFact  about UnbiblicalWordsThatInvalidateGodsWords that Jesus

never taught  open [In Context| and Imitate. Jesus taught that you must Worship His God and Father KingJesusHasSPOKEN -- Rev3-14.htm-- Theology



All or Most all Trinitarian/Oneness Scholars –Teachers and Common Believers admit that these Creeds are Mystical and incomprehensible

And they choose to think that’s OK—because that is what they have been taught. The truth is the Holy Verses are adequate and Simple

When taught by teachers that know how to do so.. There are hundreds of articles with hundreds of printed pages on The Trinitarian/Oneness Movement

all because they dispute the Simple Order of things that the God of Jesus has explained through His Holy Words of Theology.htm

That Jesus was Created First--FirstBorn.htm and

Col 1:15 NASB-with-Strong’s No.(s)


He is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of all creation.

ov estin (5748) eikwn tou qeou tou aoratou, prwtotokov pashv ktisewv, 


For by Him all things were created, both in the heavens and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities --all things have been created through Him and for Him.

oti en autw| ektisqh (5681) ta panta en toiv ouranoiv kai epi thv ghv, ta orata kai ta aorata, eite qronoi eite kuriothtev eite arxai eite ecousiai; ta panta di' autou kai eiv auton ektistai, (5769  see all verses in Example1Jn1-1


Read all their Commentaries on these two verses below---and there are hundreds of pages of them –-all so they can try to match the

 way  the Bibles they use have Translated Jn 1.1 and now they have modified John 1-18 Open JOHN3-16.

Without even a courtesy foot note about All Capital letters in the Original Manuscripts Open Theology.htm


They depute Gods Words in favor of their own Homoousion .


The Simplicity and Harmony (open) Rule




 Open Commentaries for Jn1.1


To compare --------------- Open BottomLine.htm

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Here is Col 1-15-16 Trinitarian/Oneness Commentary

-> Commentary on 1:15
DSN -> Synopsis on 1:15
GEB -> Study Notes on 1:15
GSB -> Study Notes on 1:15
JFB -> Commentary on 1:15
MHC-COM -> Commentary on 1:15
MHC-CON -> Commentary on 1:15
PNT -> Commentary on 1:15
RWP -> Study Notes on 1:15
TSK -> Commentary on 1:15 TSK -> Entry for 1:15
WEN -> Notes on 1:15
NTB -> Birthright; Firstborn; God (continued); Image; Jesus, The Christ; Jesus, The Christ (continued)
TTT -> Excellency and Glory of Christ, The; God; Titles and Names of Christ
EBD -> Creature; Heir; Philippians, Epistle to
SBD -> Prayer
PWP -> Devotional using 1:15
PWP -> Devotional using 1:15
TV -> Devotional using 1:15
TV -> Devotional using 1:15


Burton Coffman
 · Gill's Exposition
 · Geneva Study Bible
 · Jamieson, Fausset, Brown
 · Matthew Henry Complete
 · Matthew Henry Concise
 · People's New Testament
 · Robertson's Word Pictures
 · Treasury of Scripture
 · Wesley's Explanatory Notes


 Verse 16

BCC -> Commentary on 1:16
DSN -> Synopsis on 1:16
GEB -> Study Notes on 1:16
GSB -> Study Notes on 1:16
JFB -> Commentary on 1:16
MHC-COM -> Commentary on 1:16
MHC-CON -> Commentary on 1:16
PNT -> Commentary on 1:16
RWP -> Study Notes on 1:16
TSK -> Commentary on 1:16 TSK -> Entry for 1:16
WEN -> Notes on 1:16
NTB -> Angel (a spirit); Jesus, The Christ; Jesus, The Christ (continued); Power
TTT -> Angels; Christ is God; Creation; Excellency and Glory of Christ, The; Man; Power of Christ, The; Trinity, The
EBD -> Angel; Creation; Philippians, Epistle to
PWP -> Devotional using 1:16
PWP -> Devotional using 1:16
TV -> Devotional using 1:16
TV -> Devotional using 1:16


Burton Coffman
 · Darby's Synopsis
 · Geneva Study Bible
 · Jamieson, Fausset, Brown
 · Matthew Henry Complete
 · Matthew Henry Concise
 · People's New Testament
 · Robertson's Word Pictures
 · Treasury of Scripture
 · Wesley's Explanatory Notes

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