Why are these Verses in the Bible?--Ex 9:16 Jn 17:26 and Matt 6:9- Jehovah said -

My name may be declared throughout all the earth. Jehovah Or Yahweh- Doesn’t Change - World English Bible

"For I, Yahweh-, don't change; << Malachi 3:5 >> Moses and Jesus-Spoke God’s Personal Name ex+9:13 16

13 And Jehovah said unto Moses, Rise up early in the morning, and stand before Pharaoh, and say unto him, Thus saith Jehovah, the God of the Hebrews, Let my people go, that they may serve me. 5 For now I had put forth my hand, and smitten thee and thy people with pestilence, and thou hadst been cut off from the earth: 16 but in very deed for this cause have I made thee to stand, to show thee my power, and that my name may be declared throughout all the earth. ex+9:13 16

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Jehovah Or Yahweh-<< Exodus 9:15 >> -ex+9:13 16





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Although there are no existing ancient Bible (Greek Scripture) manuscripts that contain the full name

Jehovah, there are four reasons why we (and certain other Bible scholars and translators)

believe that it existed in the original text.


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This Massage must be take serious and repeated by True Christians Frequently--The Massage is if a Bible

Is not Translated Accurately from the original scriptures mostly from the Septuagint (Septuagint.htm—Seventy Scholars)

and Christian Greek scriptures it is impossible For any So-Called Christain Group to be teaching the true –the hole true and nothing but the true in there Statements Of Faiths and Beliefs Statements.It appears that God’s Named was removed from common use about 607 B.C.

SBT Is About How To Verify What Bibles Are Most Accurate To Man’s Ability To Date.

Note there some words that has crept into most Bibles that were not in the original manuscript writings.9 main words or word expressions

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Compare Prov 19:5 and Rev 21:8 and Luke 8:17  These words or phase expressions are

not from the Father, but is from the world. 1 Jn 2:16 --Do a----ComputerCheckTwo.htm.


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