The Trinity. Is It Real And Is It Biblical?

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1. What Jesus Taught about God- 2. Where did the godhead/trinity ancient idea come from? 

3.What the "Church Fathers" taught 4."Proof" texts ( including the John 1:1 controversy ) 

5. Emperor Constantine  6.Secular Power and the early church's losing its way-

6-7-8.Developement of un-Christian traditions 7. Conclusion.- summary  8. References


1. What Jesus Taught about God-open-


- scriptures required showing separate persons

- is the holy spirit a person?

- showing the lack of scriptural evidence for trinity.



2. Where did the godhead/trinity ancient idea come from?


- triads of gods

- pagan dieties

- godhead is a pagan term

- laying foundation for later thought from church fathers.



3. What the "Church Fathers" taught


- influenced by pagan thought

- Neoplatonisms influence ( but not actual model of trinity but an influence )

- Influence of humanist greek philosophy ( its function as a humanist religion aka buddhism )

- going beyond what is written.



4. "Proof" texts ( including the John 1:1 controversy )


- Coptic texts

- how Greek is handled and misunderstood

- proof texts quoted by trinitarians†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††

- Use of logic to show trinity doesnít exist



5. Emperor Constantine


- Who was he?

- His role in trinity

- Was he truly christian?

- Did Christainity become Christendom and thus the new Imperial Cult?



6-7-8.Secular Power and the early church's losing its way


- Developement of un-Christian traditions



7. Conclusion.


- summary



8. References



A quick word from the author:


Years ago I was exposed to christianity for the first time. And the more I tried to understand about

God, the muddier the waters seem to get, with doctrines and ideas about God that seemed to get more

confusing all the time. So I asked Yahweh, God of the Bible, revealer of secrets, to guide my

research to help me understand Him. After all with Yahweh God being a God of order, it seemed

logical all things should be easily and well understood about Him.

After hours of prayerful and solid research, this document is the result of Gods guidance.

I was constantly amazed to see things appearing, to help me understand His Word.

The trinity doctrine is everywhere, so its essential to determine if it is indeed from God and

in harmony with Gods word. Because if its not in harmony with Gods word, then it isnít from God.

Logically, a God of order would not have messy bits and pieces hanging off His holy Word.

And we are instructed to always test and see that things are from God, as Satan will use

any opportunity to sneakily direct proper worship due to God, to Satanís false time-waster religions,

which would then stop people really getting to know God and His ways and what He approves of.


This is a LONG document, but it requires detail to get our understanding correct.


Thank you for reading - this is a very important topic to understand.



0. Background


The majority of "christian" churches teach the doctrine of the trinity.

The critical question is this - is the trinity actually Biblical?

And if the the trinity is Biblical, can it be easily proven from the ultimate decision maker - Gods Holy Word, the Bible?

Belief in the Trinity is said to be essential to being christian. See examples below:


Within the doctrine of the trinity, God is taught as "God in three persons/forms/substances" i.e. ( homousian ).

These are :


1 - God is God Himself

2 - God is God the Son ( God in the form of Jesus, as God on earth )

3 - God is the Holy Spirit ( God in the form of the Holy Spirit, i.e. a spiritual force with a "personality" )


God is taught as having the 3 persons in the Godhead. But what is the Godhead?

Interestingly, the "mystery religions" of Egypt and Babylon and gnosticism also teach mystery and "not being able to know God" and also teach

the concept of a pagan godhead.


Surely with such a supposedly critical doctrine central to being christian, then this doctrine would be

heavily supported and underlined in the Bible, with what the perfector of our faith, Jesus Christ, taught

us about God while he was on earth. That would be the most logical time to do it so it was preserved forever

in the Holy Scriptures ( the Bible ) for all time, for all men to know.


After all, the Son , who was first born of all creation and through whom all things came to be, would

understand his Father better than anyone else, correct?

Holding that thought in our heads, let us move on.