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The Alternative to Mysticism This helps one to understand the

Real origin of the words "doctor" and "doctrine" Alternative to Mysticism


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FOR THE SHORT OF IT--The Catholic Church claims that "common people"

are not to meddle with the Bible but must leave it to the "doctors

of the church".From that concept come such terms as "doctor of theology"

("doctors of theology"), and so on.


This helps one to understand the real origin of the words "doctor" and "doctrine". That Webster entry on doctor says,

 as the first alternative, "an eminent theologian declared a sound expounder of doctrine by the Roman Catholic Church

---called also "doctor of the church". Those are Catholic things and customs and tenets. The Catholic Church claims that

"common people" are not to meddle with the Bible but must leave it to the "doctors of the church". From that concept come

such terms as "doctor of theology" ("doctors of theology"), and so on.

From for the entire Article-- Doctor (The title "doctor of theology".) >> Click Here .se/bible08b.htm

(Doctrines) Doctors of the Church are in every Proclaimed Christian Church

 And all Churches have a Statement of Faith or Beliefs to prove it--read the good commentary in  56.htm


History Bears Record That This Is theTruth -(And Many Christian Groups have Imitated Them)

with a MUCH stronger Force to back it up From about 325 A.D.—

 Untill the Free World of America---Translations are Getting Better ever Year --The Full Truth is Not Far off Now

Some Already have it,(updated improvements)-- and they are working hard to get it to You !!


What is Truth----Truth.htm  

The Truth Comes First to the  "common people" Through Bible Translations,Versions and Text—

The Good News is Harmony (and much better accuracy)  is Being Worked on.( (Open--BestBiblesComingInTheFUTURE. )

Some Already have it, ,(updated improvements)-- -- and they are working hard to get it to You !!


They are Digging in Real Deep into the Ancient Meanings of Words and Translating Them into Modern Language.

Read-All of The Commentaries and Explannation Notes with the Following Two Bibles !!!


If you are Searching for Truths—In Word Meanings

SCROLL Down PAST the Last Chapter ( Chapter 21 )

 in John and Read All the EnLighting Notes.This is Done Very Well !!


2001 Translation John 1:1   C/H- JOHN.htm#_Is_Jesus_God?

John 1:1

2001 Translation--1 C/H- In an ancient time, there was the C/H- Expression of a thought.

This Expression was with God and the Expression was C/H- powerful. 2

C/H- He was with God long ago2001translation.index.html





1.                 How Can the Doctrine of Satan Be a Comfort to the Christian?

Strange though it may sound, this doctrine, rightly understood, can be a very ... how-to books that aren't grounded in the Word, Halloween caricatures, or the ... It is quite impossible to understand human history without considering what the Bible ... called to the ministry, Lloyd-Jones himself was a respected medical doctor. 2.


2.                 1 Timothy 4:16 - Online Parallel Bible

King James Bible (Cambridge Ed.) ... Webster's Bible Translation .... Spirits seem to be much the same in sense as doctrines, the latter word may be considered ...


4.                 Acts 2:42 - Online Parallel Bible

And they continued stedfastly in the apostles' doctrine and fellowship, and in ... Theword doctrine has now a technical sense, and means a collection and .... 2: 42-47 In these verses we have the history of the truly primitive church, .... The King James 2000Bible, copyright © Doctor of Theology Robert A. Couric 2000, 2003.


6.                 Christian Doctrine from Bible Theology Ministries Article 00015 Who ...

The word 'minister' is also misused and misinterpreted. ... There were no historicalprecedents and there are no Biblical precedents or commands ... Such see themselves as 'professionals' with a similar status to, say, doctors or social workers.


8.                 A Religious Encyclopaedia: Or Dictionary of Biblical, Historical, ... - Volume 3 - Page 2293 - Google Books Result

Johann Jakob Herzog, Philip Schaff, Samuel Macauley Jackson - 1889 - Religion

The Mishna was not sufficient to satisfy the Jewish doctors. On its basis they formed the Gemara, a word meaning complement, or doctrine ; for it can bear both ...


10.            Bibliology: The Doctrine of the Scriptures - Biblical Studies Foundation

The word Bible” comes from the Greek word biblion which means book. .... kings, fishermen, medical doctors, tax collectors, teachers and statesmen, and although few of.... History and other areas beyond doctrine are not necessarily correct.


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