Easter And Good Friday Traditions and What Does-The Future Hold For-You because of Jesus’ Death,  if YOU do what is acceptable to the Lord GOD

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                                                What Did Jesus Say to Do

                          Answer. Jesus Said-- Keep doing this in remembrance of Me.”- Luke-22-19  << Luke 22:17 >> c/+ 

JUST a few hours before Jesus died; Jesus instituted a special way to commemorate his death. This observance became known as “the Lord’s evening meal,” or “the Lord’s supper.” (Cor/11-20) Showing the importance of the occasion, Jesus commanded: “Do this in memory of me.” (Luke/22-19) Do you desire to obey Jesus? If so, then you will view the anniversary of Jesus’ death as the most important day of the year. But when exactly should you commemorate this event? In Bible times important events were remembered annually. (Esther 9:21, 27) Jehovah commanded the Israelites to celebrate their miraculous release from slavery in Egypt annually. The Bible refers to that celebration as the Passover, and the Israelites observed the event once a year on the actual date that they were saved.—Exodus 12:24-27; 13:10.  Facts are other then Keep doing this in remembrance of Me. To do this is from

   Jesus WRITTEN in Luke-22-19 and  Cor/11-20 all other stuff written is Add-ons.

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 What Does-The Future Hold For-You in the Millennium

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                        What Jesus’ Death will do for Us in the MillenniumJesus’ Main Message.

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                 Memorial of Jesus’ Death this Year Is March 26, after Sundown. Nisan,14--Compare Wiki/Quartodecimanism                                                                                                            

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 Compare Passover and the Lord’s Evening Meal  from the 2001 Bible Translation Commentary.

It is Easter(2) Bunny(2) Time Again Soon and Good Friday(2)


Best Video found that tells how Christians let pagan customs emerge in their beliefs.  

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 Promoted as a celebration of Christ’s resurrection, Easter is actually rooted in false religion. The name Easter itself has been linked to Eostre, or Ostara, the Anglo-Saxon goddess of the dawn and of spring. And how did eggs and rabbits come to be associated with Easter? Eggs “have been prominent as symbols of new life and resurrection,” says the Encyclopædia Britannica, while the hare and the rabbit have long served as symbols of fertility. Easter, therefore, is really a fertility rite thinly disguised as a celebration of Christ’s resurrection.

 Would Jehovah condone the use of a filthy fertility rite to commemorate his Son’s resurrection? Never! (2 Corinthians 6:17, 18) In fact, the Scriptures neither command nor authorize the commemorating of Jesus’ resurrection in the first place. To do so in the name of Easter, therefore, is to be doubly disloyal.

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the Anglo Saxon goddess dawn, eggs and rabbits come to be associated with Easter Open EASTER.htm

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Skip the Bull and get right to the point Open CelebrationsThatDispleaseGod.htm Consider Man Made Holiday Celebrations, note how they reflect, not the spirit of God, but that of the world. Generally speaking, worldly celebrations have a common theme: They appeal to fleshly desires, and they promote false religious beliefs and spiritism—the hallmarks of “Babylon the Great.” (Revelation 18:2-4, 23) Keep in mind, too, that Jehovah observed firsthand the disgusting pagan religious practices from which many popular customs originated. No doubt he finds such celebrations just as offensive today. Should not his view be what matters most to us?—2 John 6, 7. CelebrationsThatDispleaseGod.htm       

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