Example1Jn1-1G/gods To mankind are those that live in Spirit World. John1-1Example Plus the Rule.htm it’s all about Theology.htm  god/GOD What Bibles are Printing The Best Foot-Notes- god  with or Without an “a” ---In Front of <GOD  There Is Only One Word for GOD  in the Greek Language “THEOS

and the word was God

and the word was god

and the word was a God

and the word was a god More R/in Firstborn.htm  

 Capital G or Small g Open *GOD defined* Theology and BiblicalTheology.

Simple Harmony Rule --GWGPC Rule.htm is-A Simple Rule of Harmony.   

(God’s Word is Great and Perfect and can not be Contradictive)

 The N has been Added to help the abbreviation—of-- God’s Words can not be Contradictive

 SimpleBibleTruths.net--The Alternative to Mysticism R/in Firstborn.htm  


The Best Simple Truth Rule is –If all verses pertaining to any one given Subject –If one verse is not in Harmony with all the

other verses then that verse is Translated wrong----- Some verses may not harmonize –-Due to Subject and of Time and Place for the real Purpose of those Verses.


John 1.1 and Theology.htm Most Bible Publishers are Bias to the Nicene Creeds and Intentionally Publish their Greek Philosophical Theology

Without Even a Courtesy Foot-Note (at the bottom) that it can be correctly translated

godly-or divine-or- -a god --or –Like-God --or God-Like or god (lower case) without an a in front of it----THIS fits in at

John 1.1 -----the Word was God


(If Meant to be The Almighty God doesn’t Fit

Open Theology.htm ) - AFact.htm it’s all about Theology.htm) And (JesusHasTwoBeginningsBothScriptural.htm )

Vine’s Dictionary is not up to speed on this either--–That shows their Bias also to the Nicene Creeds


Open --VinesOn-agodPLUS.htm AND god] See Other Dictionaries in 

BestBibleDictionariesPLUS.htm  DictionaryExample.htm and Study Firstborn.htm  


so be careful when you read their commentary-Open Commentaries.html  Compare God

(Compare Jesus’ Words at Luke 8:17)


Review Plus More a closer look.


John 1.1 -----the Word was God

Contradicts the Word being with God-.---Someone ( with life in himself John  5:26 3:34 ) can not be the same One with that One—That is not Harmony in any Language ---Therefore it is not Translated correctlly----Simple Rule of Harmony. You can Correct the Out of Harmony Verse By Bringing it back into the Flock Like a Good Shepherd.-Some how that Verse got out of Harmony –In some CASES by Evil Design. Some verses may not harmonize –Due to Subject and of Time and Place for the real Purpose of those Verses. But–John 1:1Updates  John 1:1 -1-thru 18 must harmonize with Jn 3-34 -Rev -3-12-14—19-10-13 and Rev 4-11.  It is Very Clear that ---the word was God ---is not in Harmony with all the other Verses Quoted -----and therefore doesn’t fit.----Therefore TheGWGPNC-Rule Must be applied to the Second part of the John 1.1 Verse. .All other verses in the So-called Oneness or Trinity Proof Text --Only describe the attributes that YAHWEH Created in His First Creation—and 1-Tim 3-16 and 1-John 5-7 have been Tagged as not supported earlier then the eight or nine century as it is rendered in the KJV and Some others.A Clear CASE by Evil Design.Remember also that None of the Original Writings have been Found—But we have enough (Good Copies) to work with to get the TRUTH.—Open 1Tim316.htm


His Only-begotten (directly created ) Son is ---See Strong’s - Number:  07069  Open  possessed-- word=Qanah -0511 And Strong's Number:  03205- Open beget, Read  details

in Prov8-22 Plus  AFact in the TrinityReferenceLibrary2. About Theology plus read who is the real AntiChrist ---


Fact  The Inspired Bible writers had already declared that what they wrote is adequate for setting things straight - Open 2 Tim 3:173:16 –Rev - 22:16-

6-19 ( click [In Context|) and no Additional Creeds or Formulated Traditions (Make up living Customs) in any way are needed to guide us to salvation.


The Trinity/Oneness Movement does not Hallow God’s name Matthew6-9.& 10 --it just adds another name to Him that they call Jesus/Jehovah –-

No distinction to them—that is why they insist that God’s Personal name is not needed in the Bible Open--Commentary on Bible Prefaces

Is Jesus Real to you ---Do you Deny Jesus Life as you have yourself?


For more facts Open VinesOn-agod PLUS. And WhatIsagod Plus JOHN3-16. and Preface.htm





What goes around comes around Source.htm





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 0f Theology.htm He will cause to become--- TETRAGRAMMATON.


New About God’s Name In Hebrew in-The Old HomePage.html. 

New: Video and more. They say Yehovah is God’s right pronunciation.

 Not God YeHoWaH or Yahweh for Hebrew.

For Hebrew Yehovah for English Jehovah.

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