Explaining logical proofs. When a Bible is Translated Accurately to the Best that man has done –it can be Explained Logically---

 just as Paul  was doing to the Jews when he was proving that Jesus was the Christ. Bible –Explaining--- Explaining.htm


LUKE Chapter 1

1 Since many others have already taken on the job of putting together a statement of the facts of the things we believe 2 as they were given to us by those who were eyewitnesses from the earliest [times] and by caretakers of the message, 3 it seemed good for me to trace everything accurately from the start, then write it down (for) you in the order that it happened, mighty Theophilus, 4 so you can feel confident about the things you’ve been taught by word of mouth. 2001translationLuke#_Luke


 Luke 1-3  [Context] [Commentary]---

Acts 9-22

22 --But Saul’s power kept growing and he really confused the Jews who lived in Damascus,

because he gave them logical proofs that [Jesus] is the Anointed One. 2001translation /ACTS.htm


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But Saul kept increasing in strength and confounding the Jews who lived at Damascus by proving that this Jesus is the Christ.


Acts of the Apostles 9-22 0pen  [Context] [Commentary]


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If you go to a Church that uses Bible Translations--That have Mysterious Innuendo’s in them  Then You will be Taught Mysterious

Innuendo Teachings –That is only Logical—Right?---But Read---John1oneWebsiteBeliefnet.htm


For Innuendo as a figure of speech please see Double entendre.--- http://www.wordiq.com/definition/Innuendo

Figures of speech have been classified into a number of different categories. Most figures originated out of centuries of philological commentary on ancient texts, and so most are named from Greek or Latin, as they originally were meant to classify grammatical peculiarities of those languages.


Rhetoric (from Greek ρητωρ, rhr, "orator") is one of the three original liberal arts or trivium (the other members are dialectic and grammar). While it has meant many different things during its 2500-year history, it is generally described today as the art of persuasion through language. Rhetoric can describe a persuasive way in which one relates a theme or idea in an effort to convince.


In turn, the quadrivium was considered preparatory work for the serious study of philosophy and theology.



in[nu[endo 7in#y1 en$db8 ( in yoo en do)  Webster’s New World Dictionary
pl. -[does or -[dos 5L, by nodding to, abl. of ger. of innuere, to nod to, hint < in-, in + -nuere, to nod

 < IE base *neu-, to jerk, beckon,

nod > Sans n;vatc, (he) turns, L numen, a nod6


1 Law explanatory material set forth in the complaint in an action for libel or slander which

 explains the expressions alleged to be libelous or slanderous

2 an indirect remark, gesture, or reference, usually implying


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Not Even the Demons Called Jesus ----God the Son--2001translation. /LUKE.htm#_Luke#_Luke


Demons also came out of many of them, shouting, ‘You’re ( Open)  the Son of God.’in Luke 4-33-41 Anointed One,  Holy One of God.’


It is Logical Now--- to Believe that Satan and his Demons wanted the  the Son of God. The Anointed One The Holy One of God.’

Dead -ASAP- as soon as possible

So they could get back to Ruling (John 12 -28-31) because Jesus was Exposing them Verbally.

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In philosophy, transcendental experiences are experiences of an exclusively human nature that are other-worldly or beyond the human realm of understanding.

Things sometimes considered transcendental are religion, parts of philosophy (especially metaphysics and ontology), humour, death and more.

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