Fact Or Fiction Example Open Is Jesus Real To You Part 2.


Lies If You Believe Theologiclal Lies You Die Like Adam And Eve.htm


The Doctrine that Declared Jesus to be God.Changes has been documented as the Doctrine Declared Jesus to be God in 325 C.E.

That was 292 years after He was crucified.56 Years later---Then the Trinity Doctrine in 381 C.E. Declared Jesus is God,

and the Holy Spirit, is God 3=1 God And the doctrine also states that Jesus had No beginning and No God--Because He is God.


This Doctrine has been refined reworded from day one after another

Most Churches say the Doctrine is Holy.

There were many discussions or meetings between the 56 years also.

And it continues to this very day.

Nicene Creeds Revised HAS the facts of so many times the

doctrine has come up and changed to try to keep it a live.


Some ask where did-- The Trinity originate fromó

God, Man, or Satan Or

Open Where.htm (Godís Penmans Writings)