Fact or Fiction TestGod Never Changes Mal/3-6. Most all Churches confess to this.

But most don’t live up to God’s Penmans Writings and change it to fit their own beliefs. Making Jesus Not Real Is Jesus Real To You Part 2.

Fact or Fiction Main Concern is about what the Churches are teaching after the dead of The Apostles,

what is unadulterated and adulterated


Readers Participation--Open Add Your Comment to what YOU know to be original

teachings for the Truth Test Library records.

Jesus died 33.5 C.E.--It is 2013 Today--That’s=1980 years ago.   

SBT Welcomes YOU to Weigh In to what is Fact or Imaginary

Concepts made up by man down through the years since the

Completed 66 Books on the Holy Scriptures were written.

After the dead of The Apostles-70 C.E to 98 C.E

28 years shows only John was a live in 98 C.E  not much later.


Facts Weigh In Write the librarian@simplebibletruths.net. 

To what you know to be true but others teach, say, or believe something else.

Ask and You will receive the best answers available. See them come in.



The Origin of How Christians let pagan customs emerge or be blended in their beliefs. 

God Never Changes Open Mal/3-6 Open Imitate. These two pages are the simple way

To weed out all the bad beliefs that have blended in their Christian beliefs. 


(1) Mans Opinions Change Constantly.


(2) Man Made Bible Doctrines Change Constantly to try

to explain what they believe to be true.


(3) God had the Bible Written so we would know the truth

and not Myths like the Gentiles and nonbelievers have.


How Much Unscriptural Traditional make ups Will Jesus Tolerate—

Weigh in Write the librarian@simplebibletruths.net. 


Sbt Does Not Get Into Criticisms of Individuals or Groups or Organizations. 

Unscriptual Traditions –

Is the Main Concern 

Quoting Jesus’--Learned knowledge and Wisdom--is not Criticisms

it is a Christians Duty

Study Ephesians 6:10-18


For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers,


against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places


Eph 6:12 - In Context | Read Chapter | Discuss this Verse 
Original: Greek | Multi-Translation | Make Poster 




 SO HELP US ALL Y.eH.oW.aH  in English Jehovah 

 Sbt – Is The--TETRAGRAMMATON.htm Testifier Y.eH.oW.aH is God’s Name 010.


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