Financial Situation Facts To Consider. Many Christians need help world wide and True Christians know that God is impartial and doesn’t send

money down from Heaven. Nor did He invent or originate the money system. But He does provide the means to obtain what are daily needs are.           

Things to consider:                 

One needs to ask themselves; in the "WORLD" that surrounds us, are things going to get better?

Ecc.7-12 gives us guidance that steer our LIFE in the proper direction. It says: For wisdom is a defense [ protection], and money is a defense [protection]: but the excellency [advantage]of knowledge is, that wisdom giveth life [preserves alive] to them that have it.

Jehovah is giving all who see the light of his WISDOM on this matter, by getting us to see money is for a protection and if we take on debt to get "THINGS" we may be giving up our very "PROTECTION". The wise course is to protect ourselves and this requires not owing a person a single thing except to follow the Loving course. Think what could happen or the hole one may put themselves in by falling into the "DEBT TRAP'. At times it may mean making sacrifices or learning to say "NO" to things we don't really need. Our Happiness and our Families Happiness is tied up to this very course.

The KEY here is knowing Satan's TRAPS and seeing his plan unfold helps us put the complete suit of "AMOUR" -Eph 6-11 we need to conquer-6-12 is good also.

The "WORLD around us glorifies "DEBT" and makes you thing you can't survive without it. All the ads you see on TV want you to buy things new on Debt, to many people this may be a buying "TRAP". Buying "Used" may be the Wiser course of action. Think before you act and always say a "prayer asking for Jehovah's Wisdom on these Buying Decisions. Satan uses these "TRAPS" to rob us of our happiness.

Being No Part of The World Jn17-14+

True Christians heed the counsel at Romans 13-8 " Do Not You People be OWING anyone a single thing.........."

We are living in the Last days of a Broken System Controlled by Satan and all those who follow his lead

In the USA we are seeing just in the last 10 years the size of the Government Satan's Organization EXPAND to Explosive size. Since the beginning of the RECESSION Private Sector jobs have only had a 1% increase, while GOVERNMENT jobs have expanded 15%. The size of GOVERNMENT is expanding @ a rate that soon will be that the voting Government Employees will soon Control the Government. Here's why the 21.3 Million government employees compose 16% of the work force and those have @ least one if not 2 or more Family members who Vote and that adds up to almost 40% of the vote in the USA. Soon that will be 50% and total control of the Government will be in the hands of those who work for it. This all contributes to weak dollar, high taxes and keeps the Financials Crisis fueled. Making it harder for most of us to buy the things we need. The Bible's strong counsel and guidance will help us weather the storm so to speak. By keep our Lifestyle "Simple" and being Content-1 tim.6:8-10 lay a good foundation to stay "Debt Free" and Avoid all the pitfalls the ensnare us everyday.

You Can Live Within Your Means

Yes, many are finding that even though the Bible is a book that focuses mainly on spiritual values, it also offers guidelines that can benefit us in material ways. (Proverbs 2:6;-Matthew 6:25-34) By applying the Bible principles and by learning from others who have benefited from following these principles, you too can live within your means. Doing so, you can escape many of the woes and anxieties that millions suffer today.

Be content with what is really needed. This goes hand in hand with the counsel to keep your life simple.

The Bible gives this advice at-1 Timothy 6:8

: "Having sustenance and covering, we shall be content with these things." Some of the happiest people in the world have little money; nevertheless, they find satisfaction in what they do have, which includes not just material things but the love of family and friends

-Proverbs 15:17.

Avoid unnecessary debt. How true the Bible statement: "The rich is the one that rules over those of little means, and the borrower is servant to the man doing the lending"! (Proverbs 22:7) Although there are circumstances when going into debt may seem unavoidable, those who take on unnecessary debt just to buy something they want will often find themselves shackled to a very heavy financial millstone. This can be especially true when credit cards are used. "When I use a credit card, I often purchase more than when I use cash. It ruins my budget when I have to pay the bill." How wise it is to be very, very careful in using easy credit! YOU TAKE CONTROL-Wise use of it can be helpful if you control it. Only use the card if it benefits you. Say for instance, the CARD CAN ACTUALLY pays benefits like cash back after a certain dollar amount is achieved or It can actually be a record of your spending especially if you just use one card.

-2 Kings 4:1;-Matthew 18:25.

Save up money before buying. Although it may seem old-fashioned, saving up money before making a purchase is actually one of the wisest ways to keep out of financial trouble. Doing so keeps many out of debt and its associated plagues, such as high interest rates, which ultimately add to the price of everything a person buys. In the Bible, the ant is depicted as being "wise" because of saving up "food supplies even in the harvest" for future use.-Proverbs 6:6-8;-30:24, 25.

Learning From Others - Budget

All the Bible counsel we considered may sound fine in principle, but is it really helping people to live within their means? Let us take a look at the experiences of some who have followed such counsel and successfully handled financial challenges.

One father of four, admits that the recent financial crisis has made it more difficult to satisfy his family's needs. Nevertheless, he recognizes the value of a budget. "I budget every single centavo of my earnings," he says. "I have a list of where I spend my money." Another father and his wife experienced the failure of their small business. Still, they manage to make ends meet by careful budgeting. He says: "We know how much money we have coming in each month, and we also know how much is going out. Based on that, we discuss in detail how much we can spend."

To keep the budget in check, some have found it necessary to cut back in some areas. Think of Ways to cut spending "I have tried to set a good example in applying the principle at 1Tim 6:8-10 which shows the importance of being content with what one has."

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