The Three Worst Mistakes in all Bibles— are in (1) Isaiah 9:6

(2)) John 1:1 and (3) John 20:28Only Jehovah GOD is to be

 printed with a Capital G for Bibles to be totally consistent or 

Intentional-Fallacy has occurred—Foot-Notes are needed.

This Article Is Based on R/in AllCapsGOD or god 

And Bible Publishers Accountable To Who  

All three of these verses should be rendered with a

Small g or the Bible contradicts itself—g or G is at The

Bible-Publisher’s Discretion---(1)        Isaiah 9:6 ----

Mighty god or God is at he Bible-Publisher’s Discretion

G or g GOD or god.

 Open Rule.html And RulePart2.htm

GWGPNC Rule is-Rule  GWGPNC Rule is-A

Simple Rule Of HarmonyGWGPNC Is 

God’s Word is Great and Perfect and Can Not be Contradictive

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