FooterJpg1-Foot-Notes: Go At The Bottom Of Each Page When

Necessary.They are Very Important (plus-how the original

Scribes Worked).The Early Catholic Priest and Earthly Kings

Prohibited Good Foot-Notes Because It Took away authority from

Them. When a New Bible Translation was Finished they a lot of the

Catholic Priests and Earthly Kings Claimed The Devine-Right of OF Kings.

(Kings thought they derived their authority from God) They

Scrutinized them and did everything In their power to get

Good Foot-Notes removed or stopped.


Always keep in mind that the original hand written Scrolls

And Rolls were written in ALL Capital Letters with 

No Separation of words; No Punctuation Marks:

No Sentences Or Paragraphs –all Letters and words 

Ran together from The top left corner of the page to

The bottom right hand Corner of the page For Examples 

Open Papyrus 66 

And Picture of Manuscript Page-[Home] [Papyrus 75]


and more in Codex+Manuscripts


Best Example is in Open



Get This

For the most part the only ones that understand what they

Were fully reading ***Were the Priests & a Few Others***

so if no good Foot-Notes were not added at the bottom of

each scroll to explain things clearly the Priests and

Earthly Kings could easily interpret to the public whatever fit

their personal needs or desires.


Best Examples are In Open JOHN1onePLUS

Here’s a sample JOHN1onePLUS John1.1 Any difficulty

 in understanding this verse is intentionally caused by

the translators and Bible Publishers. Most All Bible

Publishers Do Not Even Print a Courtesy Foot –Note – 

At the bottom of that page About





Another fine example-Parallel Bibles --Phip/2-6

who, although He existed in the form of God, did not

regard equality with God a thing to be grasped ,NASB

Means nothing more that Jesus was a Spirit being as

His Father is Spirit a being-(Commentary in Php-2-6.htm)

Jesus said- "For I have come down from heaven, not to

do My own will,but the will of Him who sent Me.Jn/6-38 

Now, Father, glorify Me together with Yourself, with the

glorywhich I had with You before the world was.—


Open and Study 

FoundingOfTheWorld.htm and 


Actually 3


Oneness.htm--God. Php-2-6.htm-

The Biblical-Theology of GOD in Jn 1:1 (Learn)

The Original Manuscripts BIG G or small g-Who Are

They? and What Does It MeanIn Biblical-Theology 

Capital G-God or Small lower case g –god –Who

Started-That? and When? and Why? GODorgod.htm 

Read  Open HiddenTruthsPLUS.htm GODorgod.htm 

& AllCaps.htm plus Open a A Sample of what’s in

-Capitalization – Punctuation-- plus more 
Greek was originally written as an uncial script, 

which means there was not the differentiation between

small and capital letters that we are now familiar with.

The oldest papyri show a cursive script which was later

formalized into what have now become the Greek capital

letters of today. But this was very difficult to write

quickly and so, from about the 9th century, a cursive

script was introduced which has now evolved into the

present day Greek lower case letters.

More In AllManuscriptsWereWrittenInAllCaps.htm 


Plus to further verify Read--Compare History of the

Authorized King James Version 

KingJamesUnderNewVersion.htm & 

Open bible03b.htm

Which includes many other early Bibles—excellent 

History lesson on early Bibles.

(1)   When God’s Name is not in the (NT) Bible you Read –

(2)   How can you tell Who is The Father and God of

Jesus.and who is Jesus. 1Tim-1-17plus.htm-


In addition to prohibated good Foot –Notes.

There were pro Nicene-CreedGodhead 

Believers That changed 1 Tim 3:16 that read He

To God Plus

In 1 JOHN 5:7b-8a added these words water and

The blood, and the three are in agreement

For there three that bear record in Heaven, the Father,

The Word and the Holy Ghost:

And these three are one and there are three that

bear witness in earth ... (KJV).

Why does the NIV not include the additional?

words at the end of verse 7 and the beginning of

verse (see KJV)? The extra words in the KJV

rendering of this passage are among the most

poorly attested of all the disputed verses in

the KJV and Textus Receptus.

The addition is not found in any Greek manuscript or

English translation until the sixteenth century and most

scholars agree that it is a forgery

The words were added to support the

Trinity known as Trindirty 

Now Read 1Tim316.htm

Pants On Fire.htm-

Best Statement Found.h tm 



(3) SBT’s N0.1 Main Subject For The Year 2008 

And Is Still A Major Concern.

Open Worship Pages All &

Conclusion in TwTwC

(4) The Meaning of the Tetragrammaton- SBT1

Is The TETRAGRAMMATON.htm Testifier---

(5Who did Jesus say to Worship? In Greek

PROSKUNEO Study Worship 

More in how did we get


More ABOUTUS.htm

More In Open GWGPNCExtendedFacts.htm





in English Jehovah   


New About God’s Name In Hebrew in-

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New: Video and more. They say Yehovah is God’s

Right pronunciation. Not God YeHoWaH or Yahweh

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