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Gentile Philosophy is Compared to Bull--- The 


     god of Dung  C/H -   Compare Mark3-20-30.htm

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(ASV)  Take heed lest there shall be any one that maketh spoil of you through his philosophy and vain deceit,

after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ:

See Below  1 Samuel 8-7-9  


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Minotaur - Monster; Half Man Half Bull---


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 Sbt doesn’t make up all this stuffIf you play in manure you will smell lke it --

Jesus foretold that Satan would sow weeds—

Christianity Subverted –The True Cause Behind All The Division- Understanding The-(open) WheatOrWeeds.htm of

Constantinople’s Background Open Christendom.htm page

Theology-- Gnosticism#Theology

Gnosticism generally taught that the Earth was ruled over by a lesser "god" called Yaldabaoth, also known as the Demiurge,


  And UnbiblicalWordsThatInvalidateGodsWords.htm


Many Surveys with Serious Historical Resaearch Has Been Conducted on How Did Pagan Philosophical Theology and General

Universal Reasoning Got Infiltrated Into The Catholic Church (and then to the Over 400 plus Independently Named Christian Churches of Today)

 That has Slowly Contaminated YHWH God’s Holy Truths

 and Living Instructions—His Loving Caring Words.---Put **SBT** with The Best Bible Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

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Isa 48:17  Thus saith Jehovah, thy Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel: I am Jehovah thy God, who teacheth thee to profit, who leadeth thee by the way that thou shouldest go


Isa 48:18  Oh that thou hadst hearkened to my commandments! then had thy peace been as a river,

and thy righteousness as the waves of the sea:


Isa 48:19  thy seed also had been as the sand, and the offspring of thy bowels like the grains thereof:

his name would not be cut off nor destroyed from before me.




17 This is what Jehovah your Defender, the Holy One of Israel, says: “I am Jehovah your God. I teach you what is best for you.

I lead you where you should go.
18 “If only you had listened to my commandments! Your peace would be like a river that never runs dry.

Your righteousness would be like waves on the sea.

19 “Your descendants would be like sand. Your children would be like its grains. Their names would not be cut off or

 wiped out in my presence.”



 8 See to it that no one enslaves you by means of philosophy and worthless deceit of human wisdom according to tradition of men.

It is according to the elementary principles of the world, and not from Christ.


The Question IS why Don’t They Listen ----For The Short of It---It is Easier tooo Listen to Man as Did Man

Listened to Themselves And Wanted a Human King----

1 Samuel 8-7-9


NEW SIMPLFIED BIBLE    1 Samuel 8-7-9


7 Jehovah answered: “Samuel, do everything they want you to do. I am really the one they have rejected as their king.
8 “Ever since the day I rescued my people from
Egypt, they have turned from me to worship idols.

Now they are turning away from you.
9 “Listen to them. Be sure to warn them and tell them about the behavior and rights of a king who rules over them.”




For The Long of It  C/H-- DOCTRINEBuster1.htm  


Predestination Doctrine

Redemption Doctrine

Trinity Doctrine---Especially—C/H- TrinityReferenceLibr..>


Hitorical Definitions of The---- Unbiblical Words to Describe Jesus—

 to Declare Him God the Son.- Click (1) CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Homoousion Open this result in new window


Subjecting Ourselves to “Every Human Creation”—Just Study any Pagan Societies Living and Worshipping.


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 C/H ---StateMENTsAboutManyChurchesBeliefsupdated.htm


 C/H -ChristianSymbols.htm


    C/H      CROSSplus.htm


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                 C/H  PatriotismPlus.htm - PatriotismID.htm

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(ASV)  Take heed lest there shall be any one that maketh spoil of you through his philosophy and vain deceit,

after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ:

C/H   The_Absurd#References



In C/H    Philosophy, The Absurd refers to humans who continue to live their lives,

despite knowledge that their lives are utterly pointless. Theatre of the Absurd ----- used too create dream-likke, or even nightmare-like moods



Definition of Absurdism 


Absurdism is a philosophy, usually translated into different art forms, that holds that any attempt to understand the universe will fail.


Here are Some   Non-Biblical Words and Phrases –That  Oneness and Tri-Phantom God So Called Theologians Use--- God the Son,- God-Man,-God begat God ,- Jesus is God, The Holy Spirit is God in the 3rd  Person--Jesus eternally existed as one with the Father, Not make or Created out of any act of will by the Father, The Son is equal or co-equal to the Father, God came in the flesh,. God sacrificed himself to himself. God is three in one, God is two in One.   One and One is One --Three in one is One. One and One and One equals One. None of these Words or Phases exists in God’s Inspired written Vocabulary -----


Oneness and Tri-Phantom God Theology =

PLUS--- http: Absurdism also Theatre of the Absurd





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The origin of the word 'metaphysics'

The ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle produced a number of works which together were called the Physics. In an early edition, the works of Aristotle were organized in such a way that another set of works was placed right after the Physics. These books seemed to concern a basic, fundamental area of philosophical inquiry, which at the time did not have a name. So early Aristotelian scholars called those books τ μετ τ φυσικά, "ta meta ta physika", which means "the (books that come) after the (books about) physics." That, then, is the origin of the word 'metaphysics' (in Greek, μεταφυσικά).

Hence, etymologically speaking, metaphysics is the subject of those books by Aristotle which were called, collectively, the Metaphysics. Technically, it was so named because it came after the book of Physics. But the actual subject matter in the book, perhaps coincidentally, are on the topic of things that underlie the physical—"beyond" the physical, so to speak—therefore fitting the word in two ways.

 The Metaphysics was divided into three parts, now regarded as the traditional branches of Western metaphysics, called (1) ontology, (2) theology, and (3) universal science. There were also some smaller, perhaps tangential matters: a philosophical lexicon, an attempt to define philosophy in general, and several extracts from the Physics repeated verbatim.

  • Ontology is the study of existence; it has been traditionally defined as 'the science of being qua being'.
  • Theology means, here, the study of God or the gods and of questions about the divine.
  • Universal science is supposed to be the study of so-called first principles, which underlie all other inquiries; an example of such a principle is the law of non-contradiction: A thing cannot both be and not be at the same time, and in the same respect. A particular apple cannot both exist and not exist at the same time. It can't be all red and all green at the same time. Universal science or first philosophy treats of "being qua being" — that is, what is basic to all science before one adds the particular details of any one science. This includes matters like causality, substance, species, and elements.

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