Adam and Eve did not ask forgiveness and they both blamed God for what

they didSo God Said To Adam And Eve.

(1)  God to Adam-- Hast thou eaten of the tree? Adam is obliged to acknowledge his

Transgression; but he does this in such a way as to shift off the blame from himself

and lay it upon God and upon the woman! This woman whom Thou didst give

 to be with me, עמדי immadi, to be my companion, (for so the word is repeatedly used),

 she gave me, and I did eat. I have no farther blame in this transgression; I did not pluck

 the fruit; she took it and gave it to me.

(2)        When the woman is questioned she lays the blame upon God and the

 serpent (nachash). The serpent beguiled me, and I did eat. Thou didst make him

much wiser than thou didst make me, and therefore my simplicity and ignorance were

 overcome by his superior wisdom and subtlety; I can have no fault here, the

 fault is his, and his who made him so wise and me so ignorant. Thus we find that,

 while the eyes of their body were opened to see their degraded state, the eyes of

 their understanding were closed, so that they could not see the sinfulness of sin;

 and at the same time their hearts were hardened through its deceitfulness. In this

also their posterity copy their example. How few ingenuously confess their own

sin! They see not their guilt. They are continually making excuses for their crimes;

 the strength and subtlety of the tempter, the natural weakness of their own minds,

 the unfavorable circumstances in which they were placed, etc., etc., are all pleaded

 as excuses for their sins, and thus the possibility of repentance is precluded; for till 

a man take his sin to himself, till he acknowledgethat he alone is guilty, he cannot

be humbled, and consequently cannot be saved. Reader, till thou accuse thyself,

 and thyself only, and feel that thou alone art responsible for all thy iniquities;

there is no hope of thy salvation.

From Clarke's Commentary on the Bible


SBT Notes. God was put in a situation where he had to give them the death penalty

or it would make Him a liar.

But as for what we know today about GOD being a forgiving GOD, It is reasonable to think

 he would have forgiven them if they would have asked for it. 

Plus that one can reason on Adam and Eve’s dilemma that they already knew

what was good and bad.

I.E. It was bad to eat of the fruit and that it was good not to eat of the fruit.


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