GodTheSon. This SBT Page Is For God The Son, and Then 

Compare GODorgod. Is Jesus Real To You? ‘No Bible

Renders The Words God the Son –But There is a Oneness 

About them Open And Study Oneness. The Encyclopedia of

Religion notes: "Human life is characterized by the need to

Distinguish between what is real and unreal, powerful and

Powerless, genuine and deceptive, pure and contaminated,

Clear and confused, as well as relative degrees of one extreme

Or the other. You have real Life because Jesus’ Father and God

Caused it. Is Jesus as real as you are? Does Jesus have life in himself?,

As He himself Stated or do the Nicene Creed Makers know more

About Jesus then He did of Himself? John 5:26- with 2 Cor5:21


God the Son Clearly Makes Jesus Not Real-Open- AFact. 

and 1A.htm. Is Jesus Real To YOU 

Shows that Homoousion-



It Contradicts God’s Original Inspired Words. See Rule

And RulePart2.

God the Son--If Words in Bibles Have Been Translated

Inaccurately---WHO is to Blame? See 


No Bible Renders God the Son

Simple Plain Truth is—YHWH God (010.htmhas left it up to

Man to Preserve And Translate His Original Inspired Vocabulary

Accurately.There are three main Verses that (See Rule.htm & 

1Tim316.htm) there God become a Son and it is Now Scholarly

Accepted that two of those verses had been tampered with to

(see Imply).htm - IntentionalFallacy to change the

original Inspired Vocabulary To fit the pro- Nicene Creeds

(Compare-The GWGPNC-RuleGODorgod.htm )

And Compare the penalty for 2 Theess  and Rev do so and

for these who are decieved receives the penalty also


SimpleBibleTruths.net--The Alternative to Mysticism                    

The Original Manuscripts of the Bible have been Lost, Not Yet 

Found,-Destroyed,or not available or non-existing—but original

copies do exist—There Are Some 5000 + Manuscripts For

comparison of the Truth as it was originally written

According to the World’s Bible Societies and Others.

Bible Publishers-- By Examining all Copies Available

 (and comparing)--the Truth can be Determined

by Harmony—(Open GODorgod.htmof Verses

pertaining to any one Given Subject--A trail and error Method.


SBT1-The Tetragrammaton Testifier. YHWH (010.htm)


(2) Gives Credit to All Bible Publishers-(and others)—That

 Participate in Continuously Competing with each other to

Examine the 5000+ Manusripts and all other Truths--That early

 Church (Congregations) Elders and Overseers--Plus Accurate

 Bible Historian Wrtters

have Left us.—For the purpose of

updating Modern Language (Into Bibles) and Trying to do it

without Theological Bias.---And We are Happy that there

are also ManyWebsites that are Monitoring Them with Great



Remember-- None of the Original Writings have been


But we have enough (Good Copies) to work with to

get the TRUTH.—Open-- 1Tim316.htm


WHO is To Blame ? Open BiasTest..> Open

BestBiblesPlus.htm AND GWGPNC Rule.htm


(2) SBT – Is-- The Alternative to Mysticism—

Researching Continuously For- BadWordsInTheBIBLES.

Another Simple Plain Truth is (Open) and See Important Note in – 



(3)Non-Biblical Words and Phrases –To Try to Control People

with Them-- Here are Some  

Spoken of BY Oneness and Tri-Phantom God --So Called

Theologians--- God the Son,-God-Man,-God begat God ,-

 Jesus is God, The Holy Spirit is God in the 3rd  Person—Jesus

 eternally existed as one with the Father, Not make or Created

 out of any act of will by the Father, The Son is equal or co-equal

to the Father, God came in the flesh,. God sacrificed himself to

himself. God is three in one, God is two in One.   One and One is

 One --Three in one is One. One and One and Onee equals One.

None of these Words or Phases exists in God’s Inspired written


(4) in BadWordsInTheBIBLES.htm--LEARN The Truth

About Satans Main Purpose—He Truly Hates Us and

Wants YHWH TO Destroy us for

IMITATING him  Open SatansMainPurpose.htm and

Fact Open  AFact.htm   GodtheSon-----


Website Examples of God the Son,-Open Son.htm  

AND device.org/christian_trinity.html



Questions & Answers:     From   http://www.bible.org/   


If You Open and Study the above Websites ---One Must ASK---

One Two Three Equals One==Right –YEA RIGHT !!!!!!!!

Open - OneTwoThreeEqualsOne.htm--And Get Real. 



The Common-Denominator or most all if not all Oneness

and Tri-ness Belivers

is That They Deny Jesus as a Real Being 

Open  AFact.htm    


de[nomi[na[tor 7dc   n9m$!        nat#!r, di-8

Webster’s New World Dictionary


1   [Now Rare] a person or thing that denominates

2   a shared characteristic

3   the usual level; standard

4        Math. the term below or to the right of the line in a

5        fraction; the divisor of the numerator !

6        7 is the denominator of ["



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Written in easy-to-read American English. Also contains

word reference links. Includes all of the New Testament

and the Book of Genesis.

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SimpleBibleTruths.net-The Alternative to Mysticism 

WHAT IS Mysticism open WHATisMysticism.htm

Open - Life.htm

For as the Father hath life in himself; so hath he

given to the Son to have life in himself,--- 

Open  AFact.htm   




–SO HELP US ALL Y.eH.oW.aH  in English Jehovah   


SBT1-isThe TETRAGRAMMATON.htm  Testifier


If You go to a Congregation that Teaches all the

 Above ---You can feel Safe and not Sorry about that--

Read Heb-1o-23-26.  SBT is only a Reference

 Library—Not The Salvation Congregation !!!


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God the Son

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