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God The Son And Godhead Are Add-Ons 

Add-Ons are God the Son and Godhead.

(1)-God the Son Is Not Biblical, that is a Fabrication—

That Expression God the Son came after the Nicene Creeds that declared

Jesus to be God which is an Absolute Myth, an Imaginary concept of the Godhead.


(2)-The word Godhead is (An Add-On) not an original word in any hand written

Manuscripts of the original writings of God’s inspirited writings.


Wycliffe and his Bible was the first one to Fabricated the

Word Godhead Replacing DIVINE NATURE

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Compare God the Son and Any Fabricated Imaginary Doctrine

to Doctrines from Demons-

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The Best New Bibles Have Restored Godhead to DIVINE NATURE in Verses

Acts 17:29--Romans 1:20--Colossians 2:9

This Wycliffe did this to support the Nicene Creeds.


(3)-Jesus Ask The Apostles—Who do YOU say I AM,

Thier answer was the Son of God. 

(4)-Jesus never said he was God or, God in the Flesh or,

I am God the Son the 2nd person of the Trinity

(5)-No Bible Penmen Wrote about a triun Trinity God—

That is a man made mental imaginary concept of God.

(6)-God forbides Add-Ons that are imaginary concepts.

What about (1) Isaiah 9:6 (2)) John 1:1 and (3) John 20:28

These Are The Three Worst Inconsistent Verses In all Bibles Yesterday and Today.

(7)-The Bible must be consistent for YOU to get to TRUTH—

The Bible-Publishers Print Words at their own Discretion

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Nicene Creeds Deny Jesus as God’s First Creation


Jesus is God’s First Son and the First of God’s Creation

Details and all Verse


The First Implied Lie is what started all mans and angels problems.

Implying that Jesus is something More Then what He Himself said about

Himself is comparable to Satan’s first Lie

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God forbides Add-Ons

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The Nicene Creeds Flatly Deny That Jesus has a real Father Heavenly

AS Do YOU ---that---Created all things INCLUDING Him—Jesus

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2.3 Comparison between Creed of 325 and Creed of 381

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They Deny this and call God’s Inspired Scriptures a Lie

Who is lying The Nicene Creeds or Jesus

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Jehovah Created Jesus first

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