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Always Keep In Mind That Most all If Not all Proclaimed Christian Groups and individuals Base their

Statement of Faith (s) and/or Beliefs *from* the Bible Translations They Rely Upon *for * Truth.There

are Two Types of Christian Bibles -BiblesTwoTypes.htm

For Godhead Believers   Open the following

(1) http://www.carm.org/questions/god_trinity_triad.htm

http://www.carm.org / C/H  http://www.carm.org/doctrine.htm 


(2 http://www.watchman.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=home.sof  C/H- http://www.watchman.org/about.htm


(3) - http://www.equip.org/essentials/index.asp

(4) - http://letusreason.org/statfait%20.htm  Welcome to Ministries http://letusreason.org/support.htm 

(5) -  http://www.apologeticsindex.org/about04.html


(6) http://www.bible.org/index.php?scid=1


(7 Relevant Bible Teachings-http://www.relevantbibleteaching.com/site/cpage.asp?

(8 National Council of Churches  



and More is in https://simplebibletruths.net/STATEMENTsAboutManyChurchesBeliefsUpdated.htm


Compare To The Apostles Creed  


 https://blog.faithlife.com/blog/2015/04/the-apostles-creed-its-history-and-origins /




The Trinity Is Incomprehensible Put This Not.


Despite its title, there is no evidence the Apostlesí Creed was actually written by the

apostles, and the legend was largely abandoned by scholars by the time of the

Renaissance. From https://www.thegospelcoalition.org/article/9-things-know-apostles-creed/


The Mystery of John 1:1 Has Been Solved. 

Baptism Has Been Altered Open Matt-Baptism-28-19-ReDo. 

            Before We Can Understand The Bible

                Fully We First Most Understand

What Man Really Knows About The Almighty God [HallowBeThyNAMEAnd His

Only Begotten SON. Jesus He sent to earth to sacrifice himself so we

may have the opportunity to gain everlasting life.You Have 3 Choices. 

Open 3 Jesus/God Theologies.


The Underbiblical Word That Make Jesus

God In 325 A.D. Is Homoousion. 

More Details in HomoousionCE.html

This Declarations claims they know the make up of God.

Can you imagation that. They had the audacity to to say

they know the essence of God and Jesus'life.

Open And Study Where and get all the details.

Remenber is.google.=thou+shalt+not+lie

Open Lies.html And SatansDelight. 


Listen to how good this preacher is at 

telling you about Homoousion  Lie

Open R.C. Sproul: For the Doctrine of the Trinity - YouTube 

It is almost at the end of His talk. Scroll to 48 in the minute scale.

BlasphemousTRINITY - simplebibletruths.net

See SBTBelieves.html


For those that like to debate The Trinity you can do it with

Open Biblicalunitarian.com/articles/trinitarian-or-unitarian-does-it-really-matter  


SEE COMMON VERSES  Contact Us  biblicalunitarian.com/ 


And http://www.trinitytruth.org/index.html


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The First Christians Did Not Believe Jesus Was God or Any Part Of A Trinity

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3 Common Sense Reasons Why the Trinity is a False Doctrine

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